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‘Psychotic’ Review

Stars: Jenna Verdicchio, Steve Hope Wynne, Kristina Dargelyte, Rosie Cochrane, David Aldridge, Adam Lewis, Mark Carlisle | Written and Directed by Johnny Johnson

When it comes to reviewing independent movies you tend to compensate for the low budget at times and feel that you have to be lenient in your criticism. I’ll admit I’ve done this in the past but to be too lenient would be unfair to the makers of the movie who want a fair criticism of something they have put a lot of work into. This is why when I watched Psychotic, yes I saw the usual weaknesses of independent movies and there were other weaknesses but there were many things that should also be praised.

Psychotic takes place, as many horrors do, in a mental institution. For a nice change though this is not found footage, but the tale of an institution in its last
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