Nikita Season 4: Devon Sawa On Sam's Troubles Ahead, Chemistry With Alex

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There will be some serious Sam Matthews action on tonight's all new episode of The CW's "Nikita," but Owen isn't completely gone.

"Sometimes they write in, 'You see a little Sam,' or 'You see a little Owen,'" Devon Sawa, who plays Sam/Owen, explained when asked him to clarify his character's identity this season, during a visit to the show's set earlier this fall.

But seeing traces of Owen won't be immediate. Devon said hints of his former character come in later in the season (he was about to start shooting Episode 5 when Warner Bros. flew us ...

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'Nikita' Season 4 scoop: More Alex and Owen (or Sam?) scenes in the final 6 episodes

Though "Nikita's" final season isn't airing until midseason, that doesn't mean we'll be without "Nikita" scoop now.

Fans who have been waiting for more Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Owen (Devon Sawa) scenes are finally going to get what they've been craving, TVLine reports. It looks like these two tatted kindred spirits are finally going to be spending some quality time together ... though no word yet on whether or not that will be as Owen, or his newly rediscovered alter ego, Sam Matthews. We hope for Alex's sake it will be the friendlier Owen she's spending her time with.

In other "Nikita" news, Tuesday (Oct. 1) marked the final day of filming for the series. It's official: the countdown to the end of "Nikita" has begun, whether we're ready for it or not.

"Nikita's" final season airs midseason on The CW.
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Nikita's Devon Sawa on Embracing His 'Bad-ish' New Alter Ego Sam – Plus: What's Next for Owen?

Nikita's Devon Sawa on Embracing His 'Bad-ish' New Alter Ego Sam – Plus: What's Next for Owen?
The following story contains mild spoilers from Friday’s Nikita. Read on at your own risk.

Owen Elliot has left the building.

As the promos for this week’s Nikita revealed, Devon Sawa‘s alter ego has finally been let in on the secret of a lifetime: his true identity.

Unfortunately, said persona — a no-nonsense, drug-smuggling Army vet named Sam Matthews — isn’t nearly as compassionate or appealing as Owen. What’s more, he has some serious trouble playing nice with others; when you’re part of the Division Super Friends, that might become an issue.

Alas, Sam is here
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