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Behind the Mirror Movie Review

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Behind the Mirror Movie Review
Title: Behind the Mirror Director: Minos Papas Starring: Matt Hopkins, Daniela Mastropietro, Nando Del Castillo, Flint Beverage, Demosthenes Chrysan, Jp Serret, Vanessa Kai. Minos Papas is an award winning filmmaker, writer, producer, director and cinematographer based in New York City. Papas runs an indie production company – Cyprian Films – that offers a variety of film production services. Prior to becoming a film director, he established himself as a cinematographer…and it shows! So far his previous shorts, features, narratives and documentaries have defined him as someone capable of evoking David Lynch and Dante’s Inferno. This trait is evident in his latest feature film ‘Behind the Mirror,’ since the exploration of [ Read More ]

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Death In Love

Holocaust porn in the tradition of "The Reader," Boaz Yakin's ultra-pretentious and loathsome "Death in Love" opens by cutting between sex and stomach-churning footage of concentration camp experiments.

A young Jewish teenager who grows to be Jacqueline Bisset saves her own life by giving herself to a doctor conducting these atrocities. Her two grown sons pay for this decades later.

The older one, played by Josh Lucas, runs a dubious modeling agency in Manhattan and has a sadomasochistic relationship with his business partner (Vanessa Kai). His
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