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Blood Rites (2012)

Directed by: Dorothy Booraem

Written by: Dorothy Booraem, Chad Haufschild

Starring: Karis Yanike, Eric Moyer, Shaun Vetick, Mark Dews, Christopher Michael O’Neil

Here’s a tip for all future criminals in micro-budget crime films: When your caper goes awry (whether or not you’ve got the money/drugs/bag of gold/Pink Panther diamond), go home!

Go back to mom and dad’s basement. Flee to Mexico. Just don’t, under any circumstances, proceed to the previously planned rendezvous point. No good can come from this. Rest assured your partners-in-crime will be there waiting. Some of them will be knocking on death’s door. Some will be stark raving mad. Some will be planning on two-timing you regardless of success.

Look-it, plans have changed. People have died. Anger is involved. Guns are too. Whoever is left will be desperate and ready to turn on you. And if someone is
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