'F1 2010' Successor Already In Development At Codemasters

Codemasters didn't need to wait until they shipped "F1 2010" this week to begin working on "F1 2011." The game marks Formula One's official debut on the Xbox 360 and a return to the PC, but its developers know that they've got to keep their deadlines tight if they want to release their next game in the series on time next year.

"[Senior producer Paul Jeal] and I have already started on '11 now," lead designer Stephen Hood told Eurogamer.

This year's game introduced a new mode called "Live the Life," which explores the political and celebrity aspects of being a Formula One driver and developing a career off the track, as well as on it. Jeal pointed to that aspect of the game as one of the key points they want to expand on for 2011, and though they sounded content with many of the concepts they worked into "F1 2010," he admitted to having been rushed a bit to get in stores.
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