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Four foolhardy tourists - American Dennis (Nick Eversman), Venezuelan Lucia (Nathalie Kelley), French Marie (Catherine de Léan) and Korean Ju-na (Brenda Koo) - sign up for an illicit tour of the dank underworld beneath Berlin. On the itinerary are the eerie bunkers lived in by Hitler's chauffeurs. However, off the menu, is a sadistically deranged former Stasi border guard whose torture method of "pulling off a shirt" is graphically employed on one of the hapless grockles.
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Emma Watson Pole Dances in First The Bling Ring Clip

Emma Watson Pole Dances in First The Bling Ring Clip
It didn't take long for Hermione to hit the pole. Emma Watson and friends ransack Paris Hilton's house in the first clip for The Bling Ring, which finds the young high school senior and her thieving friends having an intimate party in Paris' custom-fitted 'club' room. Sofia Coppola directs this true-life drama about a group of kids who pillage the estates of various self-made celebrities. Watch as the gang makes one of their more notorious scores, then check out nine new photos with co-stars Leslie Mann, Taissa Farmiga, Brenda Koo and Gavin Rossdale.

The Bling Ring - "Pole Dance"

The Bling Ring comes to theaters June 14th, 2013 and stars Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, Taissa Farmiga, Erin Daniels, Nina Siemaszko, Halston Sage, Gavin Rossdale, Stacy Edwards. The film is directed by Sofia Coppola.
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Check out 'Delirium' pilot director's fun photos of the cast

Check out 'Delirium' pilot director's fun photos of the cast
Director Rodrigo Garcia has the heavy burden of trying to make the book-to-small screen adaptation of Lauren Oliver's "Delirium" series well enough that Fox will pick it up, but even so he was able to have a little fun with the pilot project during filming. Attached are the close-up portraits he took of the show's central castmembers - like Emma Roberts, Daren Kagasoff, Gregg Sulkin, Corey Reynolds, Billy Campbell, Michael Michele, Jeanine Mason, Erin Cahill, Melinda McGraw, Delon De Metz and Brenda Koo. Lovely, right? View slideshow: Director's 'Delirium' close-ups Garcia didn't just stop there. He's also got one of these portraits for seemingly each and every member of the cast and crew on his Instagram feed. What a fun little side project, not to mention a great way to throw a bone the way of eager "Delirium ...
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Two new actress come down with 'Delirium' as pre-production continues

Two new actress come down with 'Delirium' as pre-production continues
Even though most of the central cast for Fox's adaptation of Lauren Oliver's Delirium have already begun working on things like table reads, camera tests and what looks to be trailer tagging, casting announcements are still coming through on the show. The latest is a new pair of ladies added in as recurring secondary characters. Per Deadline, The Bling Ring star Brenda Koo joins the cast as Ren, Alex's best friend, while Erin Cahill will portray the sister of Lena. The two join the currently working cast, including Emma Roberts (Lena Holoway), Daren Kagasoff (Alex), Gregg Sulkin (Julian Fineman), Billy Campbell (Thomas Fineman), Jeanine Mason (Hana), Michael Michele (Senator Elyse Hargrove) and Corey Reynolds (Lawre ,,,,
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Indie Spotlight

The new edition of the Indie Spotlight contains the latest independent horror news sent our way. In this week’s feature, we have the first information on this year’s CineMayhem Film Festival, details on Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. I & II, the first photos from Warhouse, and much more:

CineMayhem Film Festival Announced: “Created as a way to pay homage to and celebrate the spirit of independent filmmaking and those unafraid to take risks with their storytelling, CineMayhem’s diverse line-up includes advanced screenings of two highly anticipated genre projects including Magnet Releasing’s visceral horror anthology The ABC’s Of Death and Breaking Glass Pictures’ mindbending drama K-11 directed by Jules Stewart (Crank: High Voltage, Mortal Kombat).

CineMayhem is also thrilled to announce that it will also be hosting the World Premieres of Roadside directed by Eric England (Madison County) and the latest short film from Ryan Spindell
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Chronicles of the Dead Is Back with Apocalypse Part 2

The second full length episode of zombie web series Chronicles of the Dead is now available, and we have it in its entirety right here. It's an horrific 24-minute piece that can best be described as a mini-movie.

"Apocalypse Part 2" is directed by Brian Hernandez, written by Hernandez and Younger Robbins, and produced by Erin Cathcart, Robbins, and Hernandez. It stars Moneer Yaqubi, Julia Lehman, Lyndsey Doolen, Brenda Koo, Valenzia Algarin, Aaron Leddick, and Ryan Hannah King.

To stay up-to-date on future episodes, be sure to subscribe to the 3N Films YouTube Channel. For more in the meantime visit the official Chronicles of the Dead website, "like" Chronicles of the Dead on Facebook, and follow 3N Films on Twitter (@3NFilms).


Chronicles of the Dead (review here) documents the experiences of several friends who are caught off guard by a zombie apocalypse. This second graphic account depicts the historic, and never to be forgotten,
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The Problems with Being an Urban Explorer: A Movie Review

Director: Andy Fetscher.

Writer: Martin Thau.

Cast: Nathalie Kelley, Nick Eversman and Klaus Stiglmeier.

Urban exploration is risky business when four international students hire a local guide to lead them through the ruins of old Berlin. In what they find in the tunnels is more treacherous than this city’s sordid past. In the real hobby, many adventurers can find plenty of rustic decay to archive, figurative history to marvel at and graffitti to indicate where others have dare treaded.

In the movie that takes a simple title of Urbex: Urban Explorer, there might be some confusion in what can be examined. To look around inside any old abandoned building can be exciting. But there is more to this hobby than just going underground. Rank tunnels are often a source for many movies on a tight budget and this tale is one that gets detailed. Nazi bunkers were built within
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Win Urban Explorers on Blu-ray

The rapidly growing global phenomenon of urban exploration (also known as Urbex or Ue), in which thrill-seeking enthusiasts explore the normally unseen or off-limits areas of towns, cities and industrial facilities, provides the unique background for director Andy Fetscher’s chilling survival-horror shocker, Urban Explorers, out now on DVD and Blu-ray.

To delve further into this underground world of Nazi catacombs visit the official site, take a look at a clip from the film, and read on for details on our latest competition, where you could grab yourself one of two copies of Urban Explorers on Blu-ray.

Described as 'The Descent meets Creep', Urban Explorers unearths the hidden dangers and fears that lurk not only in the shadows of these unexposed landscapes but also in the darkest recesses of the mind.

Looking for something different away from the usual well-beaten tourist trails of metropolitan Berlin, four young people – partners Denis
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Urban Explorers (2011) Movie Review

“Urban Explorers” offers a horrific twist on the apparently popular new pastime of urban exploration (also referred to by the particularly hip as Urbex or Ue), in which practitioners make their way through abandoned buildings, factories, train tunnels and the like. Directed by the German-Romanian Andy Fetscher, the film unsurprisingly sees a bunch of young thrill seekers getting more than they bargained for during a trek beneath Berlin, resulting in murder and madness a-plenty. The film, out now on region 2 DVD and Blu Ray via Anchor Bay, has gone down well at a variety of genre festivals, having won Best Picture, Best Editing and Best Make-Up, plus Best Actor for Klaus Stiglmeier, at La Screamfest in 2011. The plot kicks off with couple Denis (Nick Eversman, “Hellraiser: Revelations”) and Lucia (Nathalie Kelley), joining Marie (Catherine de Lean) and Juna (Brenda Koo) for a tour of underground Berlin, which will take them
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DVD Review: Urban Explorers

Urban Explorers

Stars: Nathalie Kelley, Nick Eversman, Klaus Stiglmeier, Max Riemelt, Catherine de Léan, Brenda Koo | Written by Martin Thau | Directed by Andy Fetscher

A few years ago I read a novel called Creepers by David Morrell. It tells the tale of urban explorers and paints a brilliant world of danger and excitement. It would make a brilliant film should someone acquire the rights and bring it to the screen.

And so Urban Explorers offered that promise. The film’s early talk of hidden nazi bunkers and Hitler’s secret spaceship only serves to tantalise further. So it’s something of a disappointment when the film abandons the exploration and turns into a far more conventional stalk and slash type event after about thirty minutes. Think Wolf Creek underground and you get a pretty firm idea of what’s on offer. Except I liked Wolf Creek.

I’ve long held
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Event Report: Screamfest La 2011: Exclusive Night #5 Photo Gallery, More on Vamperifica and Hail Satan!

Dread Central's coverage of the 11th annual Screamfest La Film Festival continues with our event report stemming from Tuesday night, October 18th, when we hit the carpet to bring you further eye candy and to catch the premieres of short films Hail Satan! and The Night Caller as well as the feature film Vamperifica.

Those walking the black carpet at the Manns Chinese 6 in Hollywood, California, and in attendance for the evening included Vamperifica co-writer (with lead Martin Yurkovic) and director Bruce Ornstein and cast members Jeff Ward, Bonnie Swencionis, Creighton James, Josh Alexander, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Gianna LePera and Cj Diehl as well as Urban Explorer director Andy Fetscher with cast members Nathalie Kelley, Nick Eversman and Brenda Koo. Hail Satan! director John Michael Elfers and producer/actress Denesa Chan and The Night Caller co-writers and directors Peter Podgursky and Donna Thorland (you can now watch the latter film online here) also made the carpet,
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Screamfest La 2011: Filmmaker Andy Fetscher Talks Urban Explorer Premiere

With Screamfest La running Friday, October 14th, through Saturday, the 22nd, at Manns Chinese 6 in Hollywood, CA (at Hollywood & Highland, buy tickets here), we chatted with Urban Explorer filmmaker Andy Fetscher regarding his tense gore-fest, which is set for its West Coast premiere on Tuesday, October 18th at 10pm. Read on for his comments as well as exclusive stills.

Produced by Oliver Thau, written by Martin Thau and directed, filmed and edited by Andy Fetscher, Urban Explorer (review here) stars Nathalie Kelley (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift), Nick Eversman (Hellraiser: Revelations), Klau Stiglmeier, Max Riemelt, Catherine de Lean and Brenda Koo. According to the film’s synopsis it centers around ‘an international group of four urban explorers who hire local guide Kris to lead them into the maze of escape tunnels and subterranean fortifications under the city of Berlin. When their guide has a bad fall, two of
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Fantastic Review: ‘Urban Explorer’ Makes a Creepy Location Feel Very Familiar Indeed

Is there anyplace more romantic than Berlin in the Fall? Probably. But that doesn’t mean love can’t blossom in Germany’s capital city amidst friends and strangers alike. It’s just unfortunate the lovebirds decided to celebrate by sneaking into the subterranean depths beneath Berlin on a guided tour of the tunnels and rooms left over from World War II. Unfortunate for them, but pretty convenient for the madman lurking down below. Denis (Nick Eversman) and Lucia (Nathalie Kelley) are a young couple who decide to tack a spelunking adventure on to their date, and they’re joined by two strangers, Marie (Catherine de Léan) and Juna (Brenda Koo), who soon discover a flirtation of their own. The quartet is led underground by their local guide, Kris (Max Riemelt), who has discovered a lucrative little business with these excursions. They head out and down, and after being impressed early on by the immense scope and
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FrightFest 2011 Review: Urban Explorer

Urban Explorer

Stars: Nathalie Kelley, Nick Eversman, Klaus Stiglmeier, Max Riemelt, Catherine de Léan, Brenda Koo | Written by Martin Thau | Directed by Andy Fetscher

I should caveat this review by saying that there was a bit of a screw up with the print shown during FrightFest; there was a total lack of subtitles. This may not sound like a major problem as the majority of the cast are English speaking, but there’s a particularly major character that speaks entirely in German. By the sound of the director’s comments after the screening, much of this character’s motivation and humour would have been missed as a result.

That said, Urban Explorer still wasn’t a film I enjoyed.

A few years ago I read a novel called Creepers by David Morrell. It tells the tale of urban explorers and paints a brilliant world of danger and excitement. It would
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German Horror Urban Explorer Gets Crazed New One-Sheet And Recut Trailer

Andy Fetscher's new German slasher flick 'Urban Explorer' may go a long way to put off those whom are effectively nothing more than illegal trespassers. The Martin Thau penned tale has a new trailer and a demented new one-sheet to enjoy. The Papermoon Films production stars Nathalie Kelley, Brenda Koo, Nick Eversman, Max Riemelt, Catherine de Lean and Klaus Stiglmeier. The film itself although German funded is in fact in the English language so for those of you who despise subtitles can breathe a sigh of relief - losers!. You can check out the new poster and of course the newly cut trailer below!...
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New Official Website For German Underground Slasher Flick Urban Explorer

'Urban Explorer', the new German slasher flick, was recently screened at the Berlin Film Market. It's hopeful to get picked up and then we should get a release date announced. But in the mean time the new horror, set in the Berline underground, from German director Andy Fetscher and penned by Martin Thau has got a new poster and trailer which popped up over on its' official website. It stars Nathalie Kelley, Brenda Koo, Nick Eversman, Max Riemelt, Catherine de Lean and Klaus Stiglmeier and you can check out the one-sheet and trailer below....
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