Fund This Film: The Marvelous CGI Creatures of ‘The Ningyo’

If indie CGI is catching on, Tran Ma and Miguel Ortega are at the forefront of it. The pair have made creatures for The Mist, 300 and Transformers while working for some of the best visual effects companies on the planet, but they recently broke out on their own with a wondrous short film spectacle called The Green Ruby Pumpkin. It is a labor of love that they shot in their living room, and with imaginatively intricate beasts brought to life with the highest quality graphics work it’s a delightful Halloween treat that feels more than a few years ahead of its time. Ma and Ortega are part of a movement that is changing the way we think of homemade CGI, expanding its boundaries and proving that it isn’t just the big boys who can drop jaws. Now they’ve converted their entire living space into a studio and need your help to bring an old
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Crowdfunding Friday: monsters, puppets and a Syndicate sequel

Feature Ryan Lambie 5 Jul 2013 - 06:00

Mythical beasts. A spiritual sequel to a classic 90s game. They're two Crowdfunding Friday projects we've picked for your consideration...

Warning: casually browsing through a site like Kickstarter at an early hour in the morning - particularly before a revitalising cup of coffee - can result in some bizarre misunderstandings. That's what I learned this week, as I stumbled on some things called 'Narwhal BBQ Skewers'. What kind of monster, I thought, would not only think of cooking a rare kind of whale on a barbecue, but also put the idea on Kickstarter?

As you've probably gathered already, I'd made a bit of a mistake. The project is actually the idea of artist Melissa Dowell, and the skewers are merely stainless steel, narwhal-shaped - and actually rather adorable. Anyway, this rather confusing preamble is intended to lead us gently into the first of this week's selection of crowdfunding projects,
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SFotDL: ‘Green Ruby Pumpkin’ is a Gloriously Inventive New Halloween Fairytale

Why Watch? As the year starts drawing to a close, it’s easy to start thinking about what the best experiences have been. When remembering the best short films seen during 2012, The Green Ruby Pumpkin instantly jumps to the top of the list. It’s an amazing, magical movie with a strange beating heart for ghouls and an imagination for design that’s difficult to rival. With a nursery rhyme rhythm, it tells the story of a wondrous woman who gives out the best candy on Halloween from her green glowing gourd. Since the trick ‘r’ treaters have to impress, the costumes here are as inventive as their CGI execution is top notch. Unfortunately for our lovely host, she may have dismissed the wrong group of candy-seekers from her front porch… Its style is a bit like Pushing Daisies in its playfulness; there’s more glee here than ghastly. It also captures a kind of mythic nature
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Get In The Halloween Spirit With “The Green Ruby Pumpkin”

We get a lot of submissions at FM, especially around this time of year, but I stumbled upon this delightful little short film, that has tremendous effects and production design, and clearly mirrors ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in its poem-y rhyme. This has a pure Halloween bend to it.

The film is written by Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma, with Ortega directing and Ma in charge of the production design. These guys are clearly talented, with some nice CGI, live action and 2D animation, all in a nice single-serve Halloween candy package.

You can find the short film (clocks in at 2:30, or thereabouts) on Vimeo, or just watch below:

And a making-of:
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Watch: 'The Green Ruby Pumpkin' Captures the Spooky Spirit of Halloween (Video)

  • Indiewire
Two Senior VFX artists, Tran Ma ("Thor," "Alice in Wonderland") and Miguel Ortega ("Jack the Giant Slayer," "Priest"), have crafted an appropriately scary -- and impeccably designed -- Halloween-inspired short film, titled "The Green Ruby Pumpkin." Even more impressive than the film itself is the story behind the short: the entire project was rendered on 7 computers, as well as shot totally in a living room with the help of green screen.    "The Green Ruby Pumpkin" is an independent, low budget project that manages to blend CGI and 2D animation almost flawlessly to tell the tale of a magical woman who doles out candies every Halloween, but follows a strict (albeit rhythmical) code: "There is one rule to which all must comply / no candy is given to those who don't try." One night, after a successful evening of dispensing candies to some of the most well-disguised children in town, three boys.
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Check out Short Film The Green Ruby Pumpkin from Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma

With Halloween just around the corner, we figured it's about time to drop this little holiday-themed short film on you. The Green Ruby Pumpkin was created by visual F/X artists Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma with the entire project shot in their living room.

This short film is the pilot episode for Stage 5's newest anthology series entitled The Continuum, which will feature a new short film each week created specifically for gamers by talented indie filmmakers from around the world.

For more visit the official Stage 5 website, where you can see more films like this in the future. Also, "like" Stage 5 on Facebook and follow Stage 5 on Twitter (@stagefivetv). Find out more about the filmmakers at

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Get in the spirit of Halloween in the comments section below!
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Cool Videos: The Green Ruby Pumpkin short is all kinds of Halloween awesomeness

  • JoBlo
Just in time for Halloween, the short The Green Ruby Pumpkin comes along, full of the gothic spirit and creative imagination that goes hand-in-hand with the holiday.  Created by VFX artists Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma, the short is reminiscent of a fable-like Tim Burton-themed story, all set in a magical world.  The effects are amazing, complete with CGI-rendered characters mixed with live action.  It certainly makes me want to see a much longer film set in the world these guys have created. ...
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The Green Ruby Pumpkin Short Film Captures the Spirit of Halloween

Here's a wonderful Halloween inspired short film called The Green Ruby Pumpkin, that perfectly captures this wonderfully terrifying holiday season. The magical short was a passion project created by two senior visual effects artists, Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma. A big thanks to Miguel for sending this our way, I love it! And I hope our readers enjoy it as well! Watch the short below, and let us know what you think!

The Green Ruby Pumpkin from miguel ortega on Vimeo.


You can watch the making of the short below!

The Making of The Green Ruby Pumpkin from miguel ortega on Vimeo.
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