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Locarno: Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli on ‘Likemeback’

  • Variety
Following his first feature in 2014, the Rinko Kikuchi-led “Last Summer”, Italian writer-director Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli returns with “Likemeback,” a young women-led drama exploring smartphone addiction. This time around, he follows three Italian teenagers – played by Angela Fontana, Denise Tantucci and Blu Yoshimi – on a boat-based vacation in Croatia, celebrating the end of high school. They share everything on social media, but their addiction to those platforms, along with conflicts concerning their insecurities, take multiple dark turns that look to be life-ruining.

As “Likemeback” received its world premiere at this year’s Locarno Festival, Seràgnoli spoke to Variety about the film’s themes concerning social media, collaborating with his stars on the story, and the appeal of setting a social media cautionary tale out at sea.

When did you start cultivating an interest in the relationship we have with technology and our phones?

I didn’t have Facebook until two years ago.
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Piuma Movie Review (Venice Film Festival 2016)

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Piuma Movie Review (Venice Film Festival 2016)
Title: Piuma Director: Roan Johnson Starring: Luigi Fedele, Blu Yoshimi Di Martino, Michela Cescon, Sergio Pierattini, Francesco Colella, Francesca Antonelli, Bruno Sgueglia, Francesca Turrini, Brando Pacitto, Clara Alonso. In Italian “Piuma” mean feather. Roan Johnson’s latest film tries to grasp the difficulties of millennials in confronting parenthood, as they aspire to bequeath “lightheartedness” to their children. The comedy alternates grotesque irony and schmaltzy sensationalism, by telling the story of Ferro (Luigi Fedele) and Cate (Blu Yoshimi Di Martino), two teenagers who grew up in different families, but face the same problems. Between hesitation and leaps of faith, acceptance of responsibility and hotheadedness, the two protagonists will spend the nine most [ Read More ]

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