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Web TV Week Kicks Off Tonight With Tubefilter Meetup!

Fall Web TV Week is finally here! It kicks off tonight with the October edition of the Tubefilter Hollywood Web Television Meetup in Los Angeles at 7:00 Pm. The night gets under way with a special sold-out "Going Live!" panel all about live streaming web series streamed Live at 7:20 on Stickam and right here on Tubefilter. Going Live! Panel: Hailey Bright, Co-Host, Coin-Op TV Live Drew Baldwin, Producer, The Streamy Awards (and Tubefilter co-founder) Brian Gramo, Founder, Tyler Crowley, Exec. Producer, Mahalo Daily, This Week in Startups, Kevin Pollack's Chat Show Bismarck Lepe, Founder, Ooyala Moderator: Marc Hustvedt, Editor-in-Chief, Tubefilter News Spotted on the Meetup RSVP list... Private High Musical's Taryn Southern..The Guild's Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis, Sandeep Parikh, Sean Becker and Kim Evey...The Bannen Way creators Mark Gantt and Jesse founders Mike Hudack and Dina Kaplan...lonelygirl15's Jessica Rose and Yousef Abu-Taleb.
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‘With the Angels’ Finale: Looking Back with Mary Feuer

A while back I wondered which of the inaugural lineup of Strike.TV web series will be the standout, and I think we have our answer. With the Angels, the dramatic web series from creator (and former lonelygirl15 writer) Mary Feuer, released its season finale today, wrapping up an ambitious 36 episode first season. And in that time, the series has picked up an healthy following known to debate some hefty issues, everything from faith to existentialism and Kierkegaard. Starring Jamie Tisdale as the young small town Arkansas ingenue Taffy, the With the Angels charts her arrival in Venice, California, thrusting her into an unfamiliar world surrounded by unfamiliar people. But through her we come to watch those strangers become friends—friends of our own even—closer and realer than what we've come to expect out in scripted entertainment. The unfamiliar becomes the familiar. With an ensemble cast including Carly Jones (Mallory in lonelygirl15), René Alvarado,
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