Captain Fantastic – Review

Credit: Erik Simkins / Bleecker Street

Captain Fantastic may sound like the title of comic book movie but this warm, thoughtful film centers on a different kind of hero, a father who has devoted his life to his children. He is indeed a fantastic father, even if his ideas about how to raise his kids is far out of the mainstream, something which comes to the fore when his family faces a life-altering crisis. Captain Fantastic is an emotionally moving film that mixes drama and a bit of humor in a touching story of an unconventional family who have to work through their grief to find a new way to interact with conventional society.

Viggo Mortensen turns in a wonderful performance as that father, Ben Cash. Ben and his wife Leslie (Trin Miller) chose to leave prosperous conventional lives behind to raise their six children in a counter-culture utopia off the grid – way off the grid.
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