New Hanger poster emerges

Co-producer Dan Walton sent along the latest poster for Hanger, the third feature directed by makeup FX artist Ryan Nicholson after Live Feed and the recently released Gutterballs. You can see it below the cut.

Scripted by Nicholson and Patrick Coble, Hanger stars Debbie Rochon of Fango Radio, Nathan Dashwood, Dan Ellis, Ronald Patrick Thompson, Wade Gibb, Alastair Gamble and Candice Lewald in the story of an attempted abortion that goes horribly wrong: The surviving baby grows up to be a badly scarred killer who sets out for bloody revenge. Check out our previous set report on the movie (with exclusive pics) here and Hanger’s MySpace page here.
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First set report on Hanger; new pics

In their follow-up to Gutterballs (coming on Tla DVD in January), moviemaker Ryan Nicholson and Plotdigger Films move away from the sterile bowling-alley environment and get down and dirty with Hanger. The movie just finished shooting in Surrey, BC, Canada (40 minutes from Vancouver).

The titular protagonist (pictured left, and played by GutterballsNathan Dashwood; see more exclusive pics below) is so named due to the horrifying manner in which he was birthed: with a wire coat hanger. Horribly disfigured as a result, he cuts a bloody path of revenge until he gets to the one who brought him into this world.

A Fango set visit finds writer (with Patrick Coble) and director Nicholson taking a break from his other job as a makeup FX artist (most recently on the Sci Fi channel’s Troglodyte), but this is anything but a rest. Working with a much shorter shooting schedule than his
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