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John Frankenheimer: A Remembrance

Director John Frankenheimer.

I'm often asked which, out of the over 600 interviews I've logged with Hollywood's finest, is my favorite. It's not a tough answer: John Frankenheimer.

We instantly clicked the day we met at his home in Benedict Canyon, and spent most of the afternoon talking in his den. A friendship of sorts developed over the years, with visits to his office for screenings of the old Kinescopes he directed for shows like "Playhouse 90" during his salad days in live television during the 1950s.

We hadn't spoken for nearly a year in mid-2002 when the phone rang. It was John, who spoke in what can only be described as a "stentorian bark," like a general. "Alex!" he exclaimed. "John Frankenheimer." He could sense something was amiss with me. It was. My screenwriting career had stalled. My marriage was progressing to divorce. I had hit bottom. John knew that
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Exclusive: Candace Cameron Bure Talks The Heart of Christmas

Exclusive: Candace Cameron Bure Talks The Heart of Christmas
Candace Cameron Bure Talks The Heart of Christmas, on DVD today!

We know, it's not even Halloween yet, and we're already running our Christmas movie coverage. We're worse than the local Wal*Mart...But wait! It actually makes sense to release The Heart of Christmas in October, as the story takes place in the fall, as one heartbroken family hopes to give their dying son a final wish: One last Christmas! Based on a true story, the movie recounts how the family's community rallied around their son to make his wish come true. And it can be enjoyed today, tomorrow, or even on the 25th of December.

To celebrate the DVD release, with discs in stores now, we caught up with Candace Cameron Bure, one of the stars of this Dove Foundation approved tearjerker, to discuss how it came together, and what it might mean for your own family this holiday season.
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