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Episode Recap: Lie To Me - 1.10: "The Better Half"

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Cal's (Tim Roth) ex turns up for help on an arson case and Ria (Monica Raymund) gets to meet her: Zoe (Jennifer Beals) is the Assistant Us Attorney. A family's house was set ablaze and their grandmother died in the fire. The boy, Aj (Griffin Cleveland) saw Jack Garcia (Kurt Caceres) a TV reporter, at the house. Cal talks to Aj asking if he knows about the boy who cried wolf. Aj doesn't back down and is certain he saw Jack. Jack claims he hasn't seen Frank Ambrose (David Harbour) the house owner in a while. Cal watches the tape of the interview Jack did with Frank and notices the contempt shown by Jack for Frank. Gillian (Kelli Williams) appears to be concerned about Cal working with Zoe - she always messes him up after she leaves. Cal disagrees and asks Gillian what she's doing in the men's room. Gillian corrects him,
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Watch The Entire ‘Walking Dead’ Webseries Now Online

AMC has created a six part webseries for The Walking Dead, in order to whet your appetite while you impatiently await the season two premiere, which airs on October 16th. The webseries is a prequel of sorts, focusing on Hannah (Lilli Birdsell), known to fans as “Bicycle Girl,” the zombie Rick Grimes shoots in the first episode. The web series is conceived and directed by The Walking Dead Co-Executive Producer – and makeup FX designer — Greg Nicotero and written by John Esposito – and

stars Lilli Birdsell, Rick Otto, Rex Linn, Danielle Burgio, Madison Leisle, and Griffin Cleveland.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 premieres with a special 90-minute episode October 16th on AMC at 9:00pm Et/Pt.

The Walking Dead Torn Apart Webisodes 1 – “A New
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The Walking Dead: ‘Torn Apart’ Web Series: Webisodes 1-6

The Walking Dead Torn Apart Web Series Webisodes 1-6. Greg Nicotero‘s The Walking Dead: Torn Apart (2011) web series stars Lilli Birdsell, Rick Otto, Rex Linn, Danielle Burgio, Madison Leisle, and Griffin Cleveland. The Walking Dead: Torn Apart’s plot synopsis: this web series “tells the tale of one of The Walking Dead’s most iconic walkers”, whose name we find out is Hannah.

We previously posted The Walking Dead: Season 2 TV Show Trailer.

AMC created the six-part web series to wet people’s appetites over the upcoming season two premiere in late October. The Walking Dead: Torn Apart – “Domestic Violence” has that great moment at the beginning with the woman returning home from the grocery store. Loved that. The best “entire” episode for me of The Walking Dead: Torn Apart was Neighborly Advice. Why didn’t the one father in search of guns do
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AMC Debuts a 6 Part Webseries for "The Walking Dead" Right Here!

Greg Nicotero (The Mist) directs this 6 part webseries for "The Walking Dead." In the short reels, a character from Epis. 1 of "The Walking Dead" is given the spotlight. Her name is Hannah and she appeared as a legless corpse in this premiere episode. Here, she looks much healthier and much of her backstory e.g. family life is given attention. She was a person before she was a desicated corpse, the AMC would like you to know.

The clip shows high production values, especially the film quality and this undead fan would recommend you take a look. All 6 episodes are available below and this is mature material for violence and adult situations. Have a look at what started it all for Hannah as she wakes up unconscious from a car wreck, with her children missing.

Director: Greg Nicotero.

Writers: Greg Nicotero and John Esposito.

Cast: Lilli Birdsell, Rick Otto, Rex Linn,
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