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Fund This: ‘Social Medium’ Seeks $20,000 To Exorcise Internet Ghosts

Project Name: Social Medium

Asking For: $20,000 on Indiegogo

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $2,385

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 28

Description: The Internet's finest "hipster psychic" is back for more. Social Medium, which stars Tara Jayn as a medium who believes she can use the web to communicate with the dead, is looking to complete its first 16-episode season on Indiegogo.

In Social Medium, which was born out of a series of tweets from creator Brian Newlin, Jayn portrays Beatrix Beckett, a psychic who encounters mysteries like "The GrubHub Demon" and "The Etsy-geist." Along with her boyfriend Fallon (James Brent Isaacs) and her friend Zola (Kate Hackett), Beatrix must use her paranormal expertise to exorcise these online spirits.

Social Medium initially caught our attention in the fall of 2014, when it launched its first episode. Beyond the seven episodes posted to YouTube, the series also
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Indie Spotlight: The “Social Medium” Is (Sort Of) An Internet Psychic

Making fun of psychics is an easy way to strike gold on the Internet. The latest series out to skewer mystics who believe they can communicate with the souls of the deceased is called Social Medium, and its main character is a woman who thinks she can use the Internet to talk to dead people. The star of Social Medium is Tara Jayn, who portrays a spacey vlogger named Beatrix Beckett. While she communicates with her audience as well as texters who she believes to be spirits from the Other Side, she is constantly dissuaded by her boyfriend Fallon, who is played by James Brent Isaacs. In the first episode, Beatrix discusses a text message correspondence with her dead grandmother. Isaacs also appears in Emma Approved, and as with that web series, Social Medium brands itself as a "transmedia" story. Beatrix has her own Twitter account, and according to a press release,
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