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Birth NameKonstandinos Tsanti Gaiganis
Height 5' 10" (1.78 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Dean Constantin Gaigani, born on September 30th, in Belgium, the north of Europe, to Hellenic parents, is today living between Paris, Luxembourg and keeps traveling to the USA in order to break the odds. Since his childhood, he was embarked into an unconditional world, having had life's experiences in various North and South European countries but also USA. After a short period spent in Denver, Colorado, at the age of 6, his parents were moving back to Europe in order to pursue an unknown destiny. Feeling lost and without knowing which country's ethics he had to follow, by living on a delirious psychic and wistful dilemma, he pretty soon realized that he was certainly born for the real dramaturgy. The concept of ethnicity has been a central part of social theories but when it comes to his life's theory, we could say that mixing his sweat and blood with all the dusty lands he had the chance of exploring, today, these same lands make of him a real son of the Screen. Since being a little child, he always used to draw pictures and describe experiences into a secret little note book. Thus, while walking, exploring and singing his precious dreams, the murmurs of his heart declared a real passion and love for movie pictures and inexhaustible writings. While being a good student at school, at the age of 15 and with his father's consent and excessively protective mother's protests, he dropped out of home in order to pursue with a professional sport's career in the South of Europe, dreaming about a first successful scenario allowing thus to offer a deserved big gift to his family who was also striving for a better idyllic future. As a teenager and during his young adulthood, he was a professional soccer player and had a brief spell in AEK Athens F.C., under Bosnian Serb manager and former star player Dusan Bajevic. Sadly, this same experience turned into a nightmare, including major injuries pushing him to pack back and continue with his studies and wishful destiny of his heart's pen. After this precocious professional sport's career, at the age of 18, after graduating in Political and Social Sciences at school he entered the Conservatory of Arts in Belgium where he studied Drama and Music in English and French. Dean Constantin (also credited Dean Constantin Gaigani), gathered first artistic and theatre stage experience while at secondary and undergraduate school in Belgium, also receiving music and vocal coaching until 1997 at the Conservatoire under the direction of Prof. Ramonfosse. Dean was a gifted vocalist and comedian and his teachers were seeing a promising talent providing him thus with prosperous embraces. In 1997, while studying for his Bachelor of Arts and Audiovisual Sciences, he was elected Leader and Presenter of an ultimate challenging act taking place in the historical cities of Nimes, in the South of France. Dean had already planned to turn this animation into an apocalyptic and memorable theatre spectacle. His dreams were finally starting to see the horizon as at the same time and after a remarkable audition, his theatre coach was giving him a prosperous chance to lead the role of Don Juan de Marco. At this stage, Dean Constantin Gaigani, was drawing his path, wishing thus upon his return from France to catch a lucky flight for America and start a prosperous acting career. However, his artistic career was cut abruptly in 1997 following a serious accident during an academic and artistic trip in the South of France. Left with Tetraplegia, he was far from convinced that an acting career would ever be possible. In November 1997, at around of 11.30am, the glory lights turned off and then, a painful nothing for a very long period, as long as infinite months, hitting, smashing and breaking everything. This next chapter was and is something requiring strong nerves indeed. After a serious injury, one more, Dean Constantin was entering the post-traumatic unit in the Hospital of Nimes, leaving his body and heartbeat into science. He was admitted with a serious Occipital wound, a broken neck and Spinal Cord injury. A condition that left him Tetraplegic for a very long nightmare. This was indeed the most scary scenario of his entire life, a scenario were scary movies were scrolling in front of his eyes and inert paralyzed body. From Dr Jeckyl's scary hands to Frankenstein's or Prodigy's haircut, he was truly admitted as one of their brothers. All of his dreams were scrolling deep in his mind and he was unable to shout but only condemned to resist and pray, while his athletic body and weight was dropping down to 92Pounds. But he did not lose his power and his brain was writing the next chapters of a powerful scenario! The rest of the story remains a unique bunch of courageous scenes. Nearly after 9months, Dean Constantin was miraculously back on his feet and seriously back to the industry. His thirst and will was on his peak but his credits were lost and his artistic resume was suffering. After a long period of reeducation and plural writings, Dean Constantin was living the most painful dilemma of his entire life. He was condemned to follow a path that he had not chosen; a path offering an opportunity to re built a life and avoid starving consequences. Landing in the Grand duchy of Luxembourg, out of nowhere, he had no better choice than opting for some bureaucratic jobs. He started working as an accountant for major institutions and progressively climbed the steps before becoming a charismatic Sr Project Manager for top leaders. Feeling stronger than ever, his real passion was somewhere else though! On a parallel way, with the land expanding artistically, he had some minimal opportunities to be auditioned for both European and American features. After some interesting experiences such as De-Lovely, directed and embraced by legendary director Irwin Winkler (Ragging Bull, Goodfellas, Rocky), starring Oscar winner Kevin Klein (A Fish called Wanda), Jonathan Pryce (Pirates of the Caribbean), Ashley Judd ( Heat). Then a brief appearance in Gille's Wife by director Frederic Fonteyne, starring Cesar winner Emmanuelle Devos (In the beginning, Read my Lips) and Clovis Cornillac (The Story of my Life). At this point, with prosperous embraces arising out of fellow co-workers and casting directors, his persistence and willingness was on his peak. Furthermore, he had the opportunity to be auditioned for the Merchant of Venice by director Michael Radford (Il Postino, The Merchant of Venice) in the role of Leonardo, providing him here with a chance to act side by side with one of the greatest actors in Film history, Al Pacino (The GodFather, Scarface, Heat) but also notorious Jeremy Irons (The Lion King, Die Hard, The Man in the Iron Mask) and Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love). After a remarkable audition and a contract signed, Dean Constantin was close to prosperity. Sadly, an unknown decision was mysteriously dropping him out of the cast, and the role was finally given to Tony Schiena. Wishing to stay in good terms with the Production, after being offered contract compensation, he gently refused and spent the next six months isolated, focusing on his screenplays and publications. Working also on his own music compositions, he found some precious time to record valuable singles, integral part of his screenplays. He thus continued with a brief appearance as a Journalist in the feature Tempesta by Tim Disney with famous Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) and Rutger Hauer (Batman Begins, Sin City). He pursued with Starfly by Beryl Koltz, appearing as a unit care doctor, starring eponymous David Bailie (Pirates of the Caribbean). Finally, he spent nearly three months on stage, as Robin Good-fellow alias Puck, through Shakespare's masterpiece Midsummer's Night Dream, before moving to the Republic of Ireland for a bunch of seasons, focusing thus on the development of his writings and publications. After an exodus of crossroads, mesmerised by the lands of Oscar Wilde, Ireland, Dean Constantin entered into a different phase of achievements. He is a gifted screenwriter and charismatic actor, and fluent in many languages. In other terms, he is able to speak the language of the poets, the language of a spirit and mind that requires careful attention. Dean Constantin is considered by many as a unique young talent, a gifted actor and writer, having explored the earth as it could and picture should! A truly charismatic profile and definitely not a ghost waking up a sudden morning and wishing to become a STAR, not that way, but only the one that should make you think that the best creative mind is the one that brings out the genuine and discovers the real wish to be. We could say, a will who kills the demons and dances with life's angels, because analysis paralysis, is a term given to a situation where a dream of well-meaning minds enter into a phase of analysis that only ends when the project is canceled. Then comes, analysis of crisis and ebnefsis, where the term is given to a situation of sunny sparks entering into a phase of achievement! Consequently, he who loses wealth and health one day, loses much, he who loses a friend forever, loses more, but he who loses his will and thirst for a glorious spark in front of a black or empty pattern, loses all. The easiest way remains to keep the will and Dean Constantin's deliriously episodic life, promises to build an unforgettable cinematographic era though his coming achievements. Educated at a high level, he remains a vivid admirer of Humanities. He holds a BA and a MA in European and Intercultural studies, Comparative Literature, Cinema, and in Economics, with a MBA at hand. While at the Faculty, he achieved excellence in Fiction Writing under the supervision of French Novelist D. Barbéris (Gallimard, Paris Sorbonne). He also reached the highest distinction in Human Rights under the supervision of J.-P.Lehners (UNIL), UNESCO Chair. He is fluent in French, English, Greek, and also manages to speak in German, Italian and a fair level of Luxembourgish. After his unexpected full recovery, while continuing to gather acting experience in major features in Europe, he also enrolled in the Los Angeles Acting Academy in California, North Hollywood, working with American actress Sydney Walsh, confirming his resolve to increase his skills and with the goal of making a decent living out of acting, writing and directing. After training hard both in Europe and the USA, as of today, Dean is only on his very late 30's, dedicates his life to the industry and travels through the Continents in order to succeed and break the wall. He works and lives between Luxembourg, Paris, and Bruxelles and keeps a feet in California, USA, aiming to contribute internationally and built a purposeful legacy. He is the Managing Director of E33Motion Pictures and Film and contributes to Spinal Cord Research (SCI). Obtaining a land of adoption remains his daily motto; a kind of gratitude allowing him to built his cinematographic era by sharing his passion and vision with fellow co-workers that create for a meaningful cause. Being seriously back on business, he has since then been spotted in many features by being widely acclaimed. From 2012 to 2013, he has worked with famous directors, such as Eric Rochant (Love without Pity, Les Patriotes) in the new thriller Möbius and made a break through with stars and winners of prestigious Awards such as Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Hulk, Rob Roy, The War Zone), multiple times Cesar winner Cecile de France (Russian Dolls, L'Auberge Espagnole), Oscar winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist), John Lynch (Angel Baby). Then, he co-starred in the comedy of director Nicolas Bary (The Scapegoat) with Oscar nominee and Cesar winner Berenice Bejo (The Artist, The Past), Emir Kusturica (Arizona Dream, Life is a Miracle, Underground), Cesar winner Guillaume de Tonquedec (Le Prénom) and rising star and Cesar nominee Raphaël Personnaz (The Princess of Montpensier). Most recently, he worked with famous Luxembourgish producer and director Pol Cruchten, in the upcoming thriller Justice.net (2017-2018), with stars Martin McCann, Pascale Bussières, Astrid Roos, Jonathan Harden, Désirée Nosbuch, and Danny Ashok.

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Trivia (7)

He keeps a full Pythagorian suite on his numerical birth scale, such as 3, 9 and 6 which describes ultimate creative minders.
He speaks 5 languages and learns a 6th.
He is a gifted author/screenwriter and writes in 3 languages.
He is a professional vocalist and has recorded valuable singles, integral parts of his screenplays.
Rehearsing for a Broadway musical comedy [May 2009]
The Acting Corps, Hollywood, California, USA [September 2008]
Filming Nuit Blanche [September 2010]

Personal Quotes (6)

Someone said that traveling is like a box of chocolates, but in reality, life is like a box of pictures, you never know what you're going to get indeed. Thus, it's like feeling lost in a magic land, a land flowing with diamonds, a land flowing with words, a land that you wish to kiss and dream about. (referring to California)
The intolerance of Earth's dubious soul, greediest and envious, having deceived my loudness, clairvoyance, the envy of my know-how, beating to death some dreams, an Earth wishing to become the Master, wanting to stay the Lord and changing my vibrato into a diaphragm of stocked sound, made me simply, my life to Motion Pictures dedicate...
I am not afraid of failing or even falling, that's a great feeling though. I am only afraid when not having an opportunity to give it a try and provide myself with a glorious chance to break the odds; that is a thrilling feeling!
[on answering about the "odds" of getting an "Oscar"] Well, there is nothing wrong with that; don't you have nightmares? You know the quotation that says that if a dog bites a man, that is no news, but if a man bites a dog, that is awesome news. In certain cases, you are both the man and the dog and you keep working as a bitten dog. Does not matter how many they are out there, does not matter how many are dreaming of getting the "bone". I am not a dreamer; I am just a bitten dog that turns visions into palpable acts. It takes time, awful mockeries and hard work. It is like this river flowing under your purple eyes; a special night when someone calls your name while fellow workers keep applauding; but in my dream that night, they were not applauding a performance, they kept applauding for infinite hours the vision of this bitten dog you have been in order to get there; then, comes this vision turned to a palpable act. The day it happens, I will melt down the "bone" and turn it into a gold frame; someone gave me life; someone keeps losing sleep and believes in this bitten dog that had an awful nightmare with an enigmatic vision that night.
[on answering about the "right director"] He is somewhere around; we will make things happen. A good director is like a good mother; if you put down your head and listen, one day he or she goes first while they call your name; all credits go to the architect and it must stay that way. The best director is the one that brings out the genuine and beats the "odds". As good movies need a good story, "bitten dogs" need a good director. Does not matter how much you bite an already "bitten dog", he will never bite you back...he will just beat the "odds".
[on answering about the "perfect role"] Long silence. Do not get it wrong; psychopaths are not dangerous, they are just cultivating their art until it pays out. The perfect role is probably the one that connects you with both reality and fiction. It must create an enigma...and revolve around a stigma...connotations may very, but the public must get involved. Can you follow me? This sounds as a "Cuckoo's nest"...where there is a "Taxi driver" that leads to "Casablanca"...and then, a "Clockwork" starts resonating from an orange trunk, "Don Juan" dances an "Argentinian tango" and the "Scent of a woman" drives you nuts...you start calling yourself a "Birdy"...and you wear a "Metal Jacket" as the "Godfather" you never met...are you still following me? We are just getting started...

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