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Podcast Talk: Director James Choi on the Chicago Premiere of ‘Empty Space’ on July 1, 2017

Chicago – The combination of two different souls with two different problems – isolated in rural Illinois – was the story that director James Choi knew he wanted to produce as his next film project. So armed with a micro budget, a four man production crew and a cast of passionate actors, Choi created “Empty Space.” The film is making its Chicago premiere at the Windy City Film Festival on Saturday, July 1st, 2017.

A Scene from ‘Empty Space,’ directed by James Choi

Photo credit: Beachwood Productions

Empty Space” is a film about discovering similarities, especially in individuals who perceive that their handicaps are keeping them from experiencing life. Tom (Merrick Robison) is an overweight man plagued with self-doubt, who escapes to his grandmother’s cabin in the vast rural plains of Illinois. The small town residents attached to where he is staying still bullies him about his weight, except for a rebellious teenage
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Sliff 2009 Review: Made In China

Judith Krant makes her directorial debut with Made In China, a satirical mockumentary mumblecore mutt of a movie that is as original and creatively risque as it is funny and intelligent. Jackson Kuehn (Singularity) stars as Johnson, an eager and ambitious young entrepreneur who has decided to go all out and focus on making his novelty invention a reality. He sets off for Shanghai, China at his mother’s behest and begins his journey to find the elusive James Choi, the man who Johnson believes will manufacture anything.

Made In China is a wacky criticism of contemporary trends. Part mockumentary, part Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock documentary, with all the appeal of The Office. Johnson is confident and sure that his product will be a huge hit. His scenes, often aggressive and awkward, hint at an influence from Sasha Baron Cohen without the controversial crudeness. The film switches from segments
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Interviews: Winners at the 2009 Chicago International Film Festival

Chicago – “Mississippi Damned,” the feature film winner of the Gold Hugo, the top prize at the Chicago International Film Festival, was a labor of passion for producer Morgan R. Stiff and director/writer Tina Mabry.

HollywoodChicago was at the awards ceremony at the Ambassador East Hotel, in the famous Pump Room, and after the presentation of the Gold Hugo for Best Picture spoke to Morgan Stiff and Tina Mabry about their newly crowned film.

Producer Morgan R. Stiff (left) and Director Tina Mabry, Winners of the Gold Hugo for Best Film at the Chicago International Film Festival Awards Ceremony, October 17, 2009.

Photo credit: Patrick McDonald for HollywoodChicago.com

HollywoodChicago: Morgan, what does winning this award mean to you?

Morgan Stiff: It means a lot. We sacrificed a lot to make this film, it was a film that was crucial to the director, who is my partner in life. It means a
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