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Star Wars Fan Film ‘Jakku: First Wave’ Reveals The Humanity Behind Stormtroopers

One of the things that has made Star Wars Rebels such an interesting part of the franchise is that it often delivers a slice of the day-to-day around the galaxy, and while Star Wars fan films are legion, there’s a new one that does something of the same… only with Stormtroopers.

As the reel will tell you at the outset, a lot of Stormtroopers are about to get slaughtered, and as the transport vehicle approaches its offload point, we get inside the heads of a few of the men behind the iconic helmets. What might easily be the syrup scene from any war film you’ve ever seen turns into something very different when we focus on the aim-challenged fodder from film’s most beloved franchise.

There’s something a little off-putting in the end, as you get sucked into the yarn about the brother who was excited to
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