The Gravity graduates: experience that's out of this world

The film Gravity has taken home seven Oscars, and kickstarted the careers of many graduates

At this year's Oscars there was one standout winner. Gravity, the space thriller starring Sandra Bullock, won seven Oscars.

But while everyone knows the name of director Alfonso Cuarón, who won best director, graduates from two Bournemouth universities worked behind the scenes and have reason to celebrate too.

One of the wins for Gravity was for best visual effects, the spectacular highlight of the film. Years of work to get went into that Oscar victory, and recent graduates played a key part in the process.

"Around 40-50 Bournemouth University graduates worked on the film," says Adam Redford, a lecturer at the university's National Centre for Computer Animation. Redford worked on the film too, as a texture artist ("that means painting the surface detail on the models for all the 3D computer-generated parts of the film
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