Is This The Next Big Reality Show?

Is This The Next Big Reality Show?
Over the years, reality TV has gifted us with countless shows that were clearly combinations of two more popular ones: American Idol and The Voice gave birth to Duets, Jersey Shore and Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo inspired Buckwild, Project Runway and Shark Tank led to Fashion Star; the list goes on and on. And given the popularity of Teen Mom and Wife Swap, I think two guys from Holland have just discovered the next great reality show.

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Dutch presenting duo Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno recently volunteered to experience labor pains for a skit on their TV show, and the resulting video has gone viral to the tune on more than 2 million views.

By hooking electrodes up to their abdomens to replicate the contractions that come from childbirth, the guys clearly learned delivery is a pain in the ass. And the stomach. And the back. And .... everywhere
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2 men 'undergo labour pains' on Dutch TV

New York, Jan 19: Two Dutch TV hosts, who were not content simply sympathizing with women over labour pains, received shocks to their abdomens in a controlled experiment to simulate the agony of giving birth on their program 'Proefkonijnen' (Guinea Pigs).

According to Belgian based news outlet, electrodes sent charges into Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno's bodies, which were intended to cause cramps as excruciating as the contractions of childbirth, the New York Daily News reported.

The hosts reportedly received the shocks for two hours as they groaned and yelled, coiling up into a foetal position and clutching their pillows.

The two women who administered the shocks were calm and collected as they explained.
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'Cannibalism' TV stunt claims to show two men eating each other's flesh

Dutch broadcaster with history of hoaxes says presenters have already been filmed eating small chunks of flesh for programme

A Dutch broadcaster known for pushing the boundaries of good taste in the past, as well as hoaxing viewers, has claimed that it plans to air a segment in which two presenters eat a small chunk of one another's fried flesh.

The men were said to have each had a small piece of tissue surgically removed for the "cannibalism" stunt, which the station claimed had already been taped in front of witnesses.

One of the presenters chose to hand over flesh from his side while the other opted to provide a piece from his buttocks, the broadcaster, Bnn, claimed.

A teaser clip for the show "Guinea Pigs", which will be broadcast on Wednesday, showed the two men looking on as a chef fries tiny pieces of meat in a pan.

One of them,
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Real-Life Horror: Dutch TV Hosts Go Cannibal and Eat Each Other's Flesh

When a story as juicy as this one crosses our desks, even if it's not related to a specific horror movie or other type of project, we just can't let it go by without commenting on it. Meet Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, two Dutch TV show hosts who dined on each other's flesh as part of a new show on Bnn called “Proefkonijnen” or, as its title translates, “Test Rabbits.”

“The punchline of the show is to get really simple answers [to] stupid questions, such as, ‘Can you shave with ketchup?’ or ‘Can you drive blind?’” Storm said. “And we wanted to find out how human flesh tasted.” So part of Storm’s left butt cheek was carved out by a surgeon while Zeno opted to have a piece of his abdomen removed, and then they had it cooked up by a top chef. “The chef cooked it in a frying pan with sunflower oil,
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