Video: Do you like it rough?

During the shoot for Judas Kiss, I got the chance to produce a music video for Timo Descamps, one of the stars of the film and a popular singer in Europe. By now you should be very familiar with Timo. Cthulhu knows I've published enough beefcake pictures of him....


It was quite fun, quite interesting and quite a lot of work. By the time we were done, the video would involve crews on two continents, visual effects by the wonderful Joel Bellucci, and would star Brent Corrigan -- yes, really -- and the ever wonderful Caprica actress Genevieve Buechner.


It's a bit Halloween themed; there was tons of pressure to get the damn thing done for a premiere today. I've embeded the video below. If you like it, be sure to send it around to your friends. Also, start hitting up radio stations, gay blogs, music blogs, and Logo's New
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News: Dragon Con (and Joel)

For those of you who expressed some Joel Bellucci love in this post from the other day, good news. You can meet the Auburn Artist -- but only if you are going to Dragon*Con this weekend. Mr. Bellucci is in attendance, along with thousands and thousands of other hearty geeklovin fools, already standing in the registration line to get his pass, as the picture above shows.


Oh and he's shirtless. Joel's frequently shirtless. You might like that.  
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News: Star Trek: Blood And Fire Part Two hits the web

Blood And Fire, the latest installment of fan-driven Star Trek Phase II's ongoing series about the adventures of the original Enterprise crew, has arrived! Written by friend-of-the-site David Gerrold and our very own Carlos Pedraza, part two concludes the desperate situation of a Federation crew trapped on a doomed ship overflowing with Regulan bloodworms -- with Klingons circling to destroy whatever escapes!

Of note about these episodes is the gay character of Peter Kirk, played by Buck Rogers lead Bobby Rice, and his rocky relationship with his uncle, Captain James Kirk, played by series creator James Cawley. Also guesting on this episode is Denise Crosby, playing a scientist involved with the bloodworm outbreak. And The CGI God Joel Bellucci makes it all look like a million-dollar Hollywood movie...

I caught the whole thing a while back and it's well worth your time. For a fan film, the production values, writing and concept are excellent.
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