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Evil Things Finds It's Way to DVD

Evil Things will be released on DVD August 9, 2011 by Inception Media Group at a suggested retail of $26.98. Directed by Dominic Perez and Leanne Melissa Bishop, Gail Cadden and Laurel Casillo, Evil Things was popular in the 2009 horror festival circuit. In the tradition of films like Paranormal Activity and Quarantine, Evil Things is the newest found footage film to enter the horror genre. Evil things follows five college friends plan a road trip to celebrate Miriam’s 21st birthday during a snowy weekend out of the city at a beautiful, remotely located country home. In the mood to party, Cassy, Mark, Tanya and Leo bring the beer, as well as aspiring filmmaker Leo’s new video camera. (cont)
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New Release: Evil Things DVD

The horror-thriller Evil Things, a 2009 horror film festival favorite written and directed by Dominic Perez and starring Leanne Melissa Bishop is coming to DVD from the Inception Media Group on Aug. 9 for the list of $26.98.

Leanne Melissa Bishop is terrorized by Evil Things.

The latest thriller to jump on the found footage, video-styled train a la Paranormal Activity and Quarantine, Evil Things revolves around five college friends who plan a road trip to celebrate one of the quintet’s 21st birthdays at a snowy country home out in the sticks. In the mood partying, one of the group brings the beer and munchies, as well as a new video camera.

But excitement soon turns to panic and within 48 hours, everyone has vanished, leaving investigators without a single clue … until the video camera is retrieved and the footage of the “party” is revealed.

Well-received a such movie cons as the Film4 FrightFest,
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