Too Many Cooks: can you spot all the references to other TV shows?

Adult Swims homage to the opening credits of old TV shows has caused a sensation, turning nostalgia into an art form of its own

By now, youve probably seen Too Many Cooks, the parody video by cable network Adult Swim with the catchiest theme this side of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. (And if you havent, whats your deal? Seriously?) Created by Casper Kelly and Paul Painter, the 11-minute video takes the 80s sitcom opening credits premise and runs with it (at times literally), introducing us to no less than 60 characters, including Smarf, Coat and Lars Von Trier as Pie.

Since being uploaded on Friday, its been seen over a million times, and no wonder. Its a sitcom opening that ends up animated, set in space and dragged through blood spilled by a machete-wielding serial killer. (Who also shows up in the credits so youll know who he is dont worry.
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