Updated look into "Mountain of the Flesheaters"

Joe Hollow

From Joe Hollow, the director behind the indie slasher event of 2011 – “Cut”, and executive producers Shawn Allen & Debra Lamb comes "Mountain of the Flesh Eaters". Inspired by a short story written by Shawn Allen, Mountain of the Flesh Eaters follows in the terrifying tradition of such horror classics as The Hills Have Eyes & The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as a series of brutal, unrelenting murders plague a small town and the sheriff that gets caught up in the chaos.

Looking to join the ranks alongside those classics, Mountain of the Flesh Eaters will actually be told from the point of view of the flesh eating, blood thirsty cannibals themselves. With Mountain of the Flesh Eaters, film writer Joe Hollow is looking to get beyond the stereotypical characterizations and get to the heart of what makes these cannibals who they are. What makes them tick? What makes them engage in these cannibalistic activities?
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