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Too much Usher during Macy's 4th of July fireworks?

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While many were outside watching fireworks in their hometowns to celebrate the 4th of July, others took to their television sets to see Macy's 4th of July fireworks spectacular. 

Set to a playlist created by Usher -- the first person to ever help curate the soundtrack -- the pyrotechnic show over New York's Hudson River was incredible to watch ... if not to hear. The pop superstar now faces criticism for playing what many are saying was too much Usher. 

Indeed, while his playlist included songs from Jimi Hendrix, Kanye West, Rihanna, Jay-z, Frank Sinatra, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, it also had four of his own hits: "Euphoria," "Yeah!," "Omg," and David Guetta's "Without You" (vocals by Usher). You can check out the full playlist here. 

Was Usher's use of Usher songs too much for a holiday that is supposed to celebrate our country? These twitter users
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Video Exclusive: So Random! Star Competes in Disney's Friends for Change Games

So Random! star Doug Brochu is one of many Disney celebs battling it out in the upcoming Friends for Change Games.

In our exclusive clip, Brochu discusses how "intense" one recycling challenge was as he tried to help his team compete for $100,000 for charity. The games, which feature four teams composed of more than 30 Disney and Disney Xd stars, are part of a network initiative to raise kids' environmental aware and activism.

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Teen Stars To Join Habitat For Humanity Youth Build

Teen stars from television, film and music will join young people from across North Los Angeles on Saturday, June 18 to help build homes for low-income working families as part of Habitat For Humanity San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys’ Youth Build.

The event is being chaired by young television and film stars Doug Brochu (Disney’s “So Random” formerly “Sunny with a Chance”) and Chris Brochu, star of the recent theatrical release “Soul Surfer” and the Disney movie “Lemonade Mouth.” Other young celebrities scheduled to take part include Nolan Gould and Ariel Winter from “Modern Family,” Ty Panitz (“Bones”) and his younger brother Parris Mosteller who plays Stinky on the summer kids movie “Judy Moody & the Not Bummer Summer” and Hayley Pullos from “General Hospital,” to name just a few.

In addition to helping build 10 homes, the volunteers will also create a new neighborhood playground and participate in a home dedication
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Demi Lovato-less Sonny with a Chance Is So Random in June

You know what they say… The show must go on! And now it will. Disney’s Sonny with a Chance is losing 18 year old actress Demi Lovato, post rehab, because the star has decided to focus on her musical career. That story broke in April. It was followed by rumors of a new album and tour for Lovato this year. Her Disney cast mates are not out of work, however, as we learned from EW by way of DigitalSpy.

A Sonny with a Chance spin-off is now in the works called So Random!

Here’s the 411:

[So Random!] will emphasize the comedy sketch aspect of the show. The title was previously the name of a show within the show in which the cast of Sonny with a Chance put on ridiculous costumes and act out nonsensical situations.

I would not go so far as to call So Random! a variety show,
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Soul Surfer Los Angeles Premiere Pictures

Christopher Atkins attends Soul Surfer Los Angeles Premiere. Photo copyright Andrew Evans / PR Photos. Helen Hunt attends Soul Surfer Los Angeles Premiere. Photo copyright Andrew Evans / PR Photos. AnnaSophia Robb attends Soul Surfer Los Angeles Premiere. Photo copyright Andrew Evans / PR Photos. Gregg Sulkin attends Soul Surfer Los Angeles Premiere. Photo copyright Andrew Evans / PR Photos. Dennis Quaid attends Soul Surfer Los Angeles Premiere. Photo copyright Andrew Evans / PR Photos. 03/30/2011 - Doug Brochu - "Soul Surfer" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals - ArcLight Cinemas - Hollywood, CA, USA © Andrew Evans / PR Photos 03/30/2011 - Alana Blanchard - "Soul Surfer" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals - ArcLight
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Joe Jonas Comes in Gift Box in New 'Sonny With a Chance' Preview

The holiday special episode of "Sonny With a Chance" won't only see Joe Jonas performing a duet number with ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato, but also him taking part in other sketches. One in particular has been released in form of a two-minute clip, and takes a look at the middle member of the Jonas Brothers becoming a Christmas present.

In the skit, Joe is joined by three of the series regular, Demi, Doug Brochu and Allisyn Ashley Arm. Playing himself, the 21-year-old singer learns that he has been kidnapped and trapped inside a life-size gift box. Near the end of the clip, he finds himself forced to wear yodel costume and do some yodeling for Allisyn.

This sketch is a part of the show's upcoming episode, "A So Random! Holiday Special", which will air on Sunday, November 28 at 9 P.M. Est on Disney Channel. Other sketches included "The 12 Days of Sickmas
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Pic: Joe Jonas Gazing Into Demi Lovato's Eyes on 'Sonny With a Chance'

Joe Jonas is coming to "Sonny With a Chance" as a guest star in its holiday episode, and a number of stills has uncovered a look at his cameo appearance. Several of the images capture the middle member of the Jonas Brothers sharing sweet moments with ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato as they sit behind a piano and gazing into each other eyes.

Several other stills present the 21-year-old singer in different scenes with his former flame as well as cast members, Sterling Knight, Tiffany Thornton, Brandon Mychal Smith, Doug Brochu and Allisyn Ashley Arm. Two stills in particular give away shots of standing inside a real-life size doll box.

In "A So Random! Holiday Special", the cast of "So Random!" and Chad get trapped in snow, ruining their plans for going home for Christmas vacation. From Sonny's house, the gang does a Christmas Holiday Special to pass time with Chad Dylan Cooper
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'Sonny with a Chance' Teases Rumor Currently Swirling in So Random

In a mysterious message, someone says that "Sonny Munroe is not the girl she says she is." In the next episode of "Sonny with a Chance", Demi Lovato's Sonny is asked to leave So Random after rumors spread that she is a thief.

Titled "Sonny with a Secret", this episode will see Sonny returning to her hometown high school for Homecoming. However, someone on set begins to spread rumors that Sonny is a thief, causing her reputation to deteriorate and she is ultimately asked to leave the show.

Unable to clear her name, Sonny drives cross country to Wisconsin with Tawni (Tiffany Thornton), who turns out to be a surprisingly good friend. Meanwhile back in Hollywood, Chad (Sterling Knight), Nico (Brandon Smith) and Grady (Doug Brochu) discover the truth.

Find out whether Sonny will leave So Random forever this coming Sunday, July 18 at 8:30p/7:30c on Disney Channel.
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Preview of 'Sonny with a Chance' 1.04: You've Got Fan Mail

Fame hunger takes over Sonny in the next episode of "Sonny with a Chance". When she finds out that she doesn't get a fan mail for starring in her new TV show "So Random!", Sonny creates her own imaginary fan named Eric.

In "You've Got Fan Mail" Sonny's creation gets her in trouble when Marshall wants to invite Eric to the set. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady intercept a package intended for Zora. The episode airs Sunday, February 22.

Demi Lovato who stars as the eponymous character, recently spoke about her co-stars. On Sterling Knight, she says "He plays the rival/heartthrob/jerk, but he's not a jerk at all. He's actually really funny." She also describes Allisyn Ashley Arm as "really cute", Doug Brochu as "really sweet and really funny" and Brandon Smith as "awesome."
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Demi Lovato as Queen Bee in New 'Sonny with a Chance' Preview

Demi Lovato is seen appearing on-stage, dressing up as a queen bee in a new sneak peek of her comedy TV series "Sonny with a Chance". Wearing bookworm glasses and a black hat, she is captured rapping some verses while her co-stars Allisyn Arm, Doug Brochu and Brandon Smith, all also sporting bee costumes, serve as her backing dancers.

In addition to the newly-revealed preview, opening credit for "Sonny with a Chance" has also been found. Starting with excited Demi receiving a phone call telling her that she wins a chance to shoot a sketch comedy in Los Angeles, it moves on showing her packing up her stuff and flying to Los Angeles. It then ends with her posing alongside other cast; Tiffany Thorton, Sterling Knight, Doug Brochu, Brandon Smith and Allisyn Arm.

"Sonny With a Chance" is set to be premiered on February 8 on Disney Channel. The mouse house's
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Sonny With A Chance Theme Song

Between filming Princess Protection Program with Bff Selena Gomez, touring with the Jonas Brothers and releasing her CD Don't Forget, Demi Lovato somehow squeezed a television series in. Disney's next big hit series, Sonny With A Chance, begins Friday, February 8th at 8pm and fans are excited to see what the series has to offer. Sonny With A Chance stars Camp Rock's Demi Lovato who plays Sonny Munroe, a girl from the Mid-West who moves to Los Angles to be a star on a sketch comedy show. Munroe must quickly learns to adapt to her new life as she meet her fellow cast mates played by Tiffany Thornton, Sterling Knight, Jillian Murray and Doug Brochu. “Sketchy Beginnings” airs Friday February 8th and follows Sunny as she joins the cast of So Random and learns that maybe she is not cut out for this
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Video Premiere: Demi Lovato's 'La La Land'

A music video to support Demi Lovato's new single "La La Land" has been premiered. Aired for the first time on Disney Channel on December 19 at 8 P.M. Et, it starts with a scene where the Disney star sits down for an interview.

When in-video show's host asks Demi what it is like to be a star, the video switches into a look of satire scenes presenting her "young artist's life in Hollywood" with red carpet events, luxurious rides and bodyguards staying around her. Also, it features cameo appearances from her "Sonny With a Chance" castmates, Tiffany Thorton, Allisyn Arm, Doug Brochu, Brandon Smith and Sterling Knight.

"La La Land" is a pop/rock song appearing on Demi Lovato's newly-outed debut album "Don't Forget". The John Field-produced track was co-written by herself and Jonas Brothers.

Demi Lovato's "La La Land" music video:
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Premiere Date for Demi Lovato's 'La La Land' Music Video Set

A date has been set to premiere the new music video from Demi Lovato. The Disney star will have her music video for "La La Land", the second single from her debut album "Get Back", aired for the first time on Disney Channel on December 19 at 8 P.M. Et, in time for a special encore of Demi's TV movie with Jonas Brothers, "Camp Rock".

The video is about a young artist's life in Hollywood, complete with its red carpet, limos, photoshoots and her life back at home, Texas. There will be appearances by Demi's co-stars in her new TV series "Sonny with a Chance" that will air February next year. They are Tiffany Thornton, Sterling Knight, Doug Brochu, Brandon Smith and Allisyn Arm.

"La La Land" is one of the tracks which is co-written by Demi herself. On this particular single, she was assisted in the process by Jonas Brothers.
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Sonny With A Chance

What happens when a regular girl from Wisconsin gets cast in America's hottest sketch comedy show? Demi Lovato plays Sonny Munrie a random girl from the Midwest whose dreams come true when she is cast in the hottest show on air, So Random! Sonny With A Chance stars, Demi Lovato, Tiffany Thorton, Brandon L. Smith, Doug Brochu and TV vet Nancy McKeon. The new Disney Channel original TV Show is set to hit airwaves in the Spring of 2009. Sonny With A Chance Audience Reaction Make sure to check out Sonny With A Chance when it airs on Disney in the Spring of 2009. Photo:JustJared
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