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'Sibs' Delves into the Question of Career vs. Family

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'Sibs' Delves into the Question of Career vs. Family
Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress -- at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite. In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments. Sibs Tweetable Logline: After the sudden death of her father, Sophie has to decide whether or not she will become her teenage half-brother, Alister's, guardian. Elevator Pitch: 29-year-old Sophie, a struggling writer in New York, goes home for her father’s funeral and is met with a sudden decision of whether or not she will become her 12-year-old, now orphaned, half-brother Alister's, guardian. In need of guidance, she turns to her own mother for help making the choice, but with little time to decide, Sophie has to confront her complicated feelings of whether she really wants to be a mother sooner than she thought. Production Team: Directed
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"Bridezilla Strikes Back": Review of Cynthia Silver's One-Woman Show at the Zephyr in Los Angeles

By Terry Keefe

A few years back when money was particularly tight and dignity was in short supply, my writing partner and I went in to interview for the coveted positions of head writers of a particularly sleazy, and wildly successful, network reality show which revolved around a group of couples…doing something particularly tawdry at a particularly exotic location. The title of the show and the exact premise aren't relevant at this point, but this particular exchange with the series creator is, to this article at least:

Me: “Well, here’s one idea we had for a competition between the couples, but I’m not sure of the moral implications of it -”

Series Creator: “Morals? [laughs hysterically]” He did everything but twitter his fingers and go, “Mwahahaha.”

We didn’t get that job. Just as well, obviously. This was still back when people responded to my telling of this story with,
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