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Horror Highlights: Mind And Machine, The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, The Manor,

In the near future world of Brock Humphrey's Mind and Machine, androids exist to help humankind, but they can also be programmed to kill... We have a look at the trailer for Humphrey's new sci-fi thriller in today's Horror Highlights, which also includes details on The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies' exciting new class "The Legacy of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend," as well as details on Lionsgate's home media release of The Manor.

Mind and Machine: "Written and directed by Brock Humphrey, Mind and Machine is a sci-fi crime thriller set in the near future where humanoid robots are common in society. The mob reprograms one of these androids to think and feel in order to use it as a contract killer. However, this has dangerous consequences as she begins to develop a relationship with her creator while also slowly becoming a murderous psychopath."

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