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Couple Expecting Quintuplets 'in Awe' After Struggling to Conceive for Five Years

Couple Expecting Quintuplets 'in Awe' After Struggling to Conceive for Five Years
After a long journey to become pregnant, one Utah couple is preparing for a flurry of new family members.

For five years, Jamie Scott and her husband, Skyler, were struggling to become pregnant. They desperately dreamed of having another child to join their two sons, Shayden, 12 and Landon, 7. As years passed, they began to slowly come to terms with the realization that a new baby wouldn’t be in their future.

“It was really challenging to watch your wife go through that,” Skyler Scott, 35, tells People. “Seeing something that means so much to Jamie and not having success with it
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Poster and Trailer Unveiled for Lawrie Brewster's Gothic Noir 'The Black Gloves'

By Depressed Satan,


Director Lawrie Brewster and writer Sarah Daly are back with Gothic noir The Black Gloves, a 1940s-set chiller featuring the Owlman, the iconic villain and viral sensation from their acclaimed debut feature Lord of Tears.

The Black Gloves tells the story of a psychologist obsessed with the disappearance of his young patient, and the menacing owl-headed figure that plagued her nightmares. His investigations lead him to a reclusive ballerina who, just like his patient, is convinced that she is about to die at the hands of this disturbing entity. In the bleak Scottish highlands, Finn counsels his new patient, under the watchful eye of her sinister ballet teacher. He soon finds himself entangled in a ballet of paranoia, dark agendas and a maze of deadly twists and turns, as the legend of the Owlman becomes a terrifying reality.

The film stars Spanish horror icon Macarena Gomez,
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11 TV Time Jumps That Saved a Show

Sometimes, a long-running show gets a little stale.

Hey, it happens – particularly when a series is at 20+ episodes per season, as was the norm on television for quite a while. That's a Lot of filler episodes. And when staleness Does happen, there are several ways that showrunners can attempt to inject new life into it. One of those methods is a smartly-used time jump.

A "time jump" in this sense is any significant stretch of time that passes, between seasons or episodes. Usually, within a jump, there has been a notable event (or events) that change the course of the series or set off a new plot. When used correctly, they can make the introduction of new characters more seamless or skip over a chunk of time that may be difficult (or boring) to show onscreen.

Take, for example, "The College Years" in any series that began in high school.
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