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Print Biographies (1)

Emily Smith. The Austin MacDonald Hand book. New York: Emereo Pty Ltd, 2013.

Interviews (7)

Mississauga News (CA) May 11 2012, pg. 47, by: Joe Chin, "Young Actor Cops Award"
Los Angeles (US) April 3 2012, pg. TV BUZZ, by: Phyillis Thomas, "Young Artists awards"
Mississauga News (CA) April 2 2012, by: Joseph Chin, "Young Actor up for Awards"
Mississauga News (CA) July 17 2010, pg. 9, by: lain Colpitts, "Garage Sale Supports Youth"
Mississauga News (CA) July 16 2010, by: Chris Clay, "Living in Your Car Good for Actor"
Mississauga News (CA) November 1 2009, by: R. Panjwani, "Blessings in A Backpack"
Teen Magazine (US) 2008, by: Audrey Fine, "Getting To Know Austin MacDonald"

Articles (14)

Rolling Stone Magazine (US) December 19 2013, Iss. 1199, by: Mike Ayers, "Henry Rollins Wraps First Lead Film Role"
Mississauga News (CA) April 12 2013, pg. 20, by: David Paterson, "Actor Austin MacDonald is a rising Star"
Whats up Muskoka (CA) May 23 2012, pg. 23, by: Matt Driscoll, "Muskokan wins Hollywood Award"
Mississauga News (CA) May 10 2012, by: Joe Chin, "Young Actor Cops Award, Austin MacDonald adds one more bauble to his trphy case"
LImelight Magazine (CA) August 24 2011, Iss. 3, pg. 20-21, by: Natalie D'Urbano, "Inspiration and Asperation"
Muskoka Magazine (CA) August 1 2011, Vol. 12, Iss. #2, pg. 46-49, by: Dianne Park Thatch, "Right for The Role"
Mississauga News (CA) July 21 2011, pg. 1, by: Julie Le, "Film Fest Underway"
The Magazine (CA) April 21 2011, Iss. 5, pg. 7, by: Angela McLean, "Introducing Debra"
Mississauga News (CA) January 28 2011, pg. 11, by: Joseph Chin, "Actor Lands TV role"
Aceshowbiz (US) February 22 2010, by: unknown, "31st Young Artist Awards Nominees in TV"
Aceshowbiz (US) February 21 2010, "young Artists Awards nominees"
Mississauga News (CA) November 1 2009, by: R. Panjwani, "Blessings in a Backpack"
Toronto Star (CA) August 29 2009, Vol. Saturday, Iss. living section, pg. L10, by: Rita Zekas, "Store Gazing/living section"
Teen Magazine (US) April 1 2008, by: celeb stuff, getting to know

Pictorials (2)

Whats Up Muskoka (CA) May 23 2012, pg. 23, by: matt Driscoll, "Muskokan wins Hollywood Award"
Our Canada (CA) December 1 2011, Iss. 6, by: Helen Fratton, "Actor Austin MacDonald"

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