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Alloy Reveals ‘Hollywood is Like High School with Money’

Alloy Entertainment, the production company behind Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, and The Vampire Diaries, launched their newest project, Hollywood is Like High School with Money, a web series based off the book of the same name by New York Times bestseller Zoey Dean. The series stars Kelsey Sanders, Ian Harding (Pretty Little Liars) and Brian Hallisay (Privileged), and features an appearance by The Hills reality star Whitney Port and outfits from her new clothing line Whitney Eve. Related News:Alloy’s First Digital Slate: ‘First Day’, ‘Hollywood’, ‘Talent’ Alloy Entertainment Builds Out Digital Arm As ‘Private’ Debuts, Has Alloy Quietly Found Web TV’s Formula?
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[DVD Review] Private

Alloy Entertainment is no stranger to the novel-turned-television-show, having put out Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars, all shows based on The New York Times bestselling series that are also published by Alloy. Private is simply the next in a long line of shows based on books, with one major difference: it’s a web series. While the DVD box calls Private a “movie about romance, privilege and murder,” it began as 20 webisodes, each about 4 to 6 minutes in length. However, the part about romance, privilege and murder is spot on. Reed Brennan (played by Kelsey Sander) leaves her small town life behind as she begins her first semester at Easton Academy, a prestigious boarding school in New England. She’s placed in Billings Hall, the best dorm on campus, and manages to snag herself a hot new boyfriend, Thomas (Brant Daugherty).

While Thomas is a hottie from a wealthy family,
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Review: Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion Of The Crust


 "Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pastry box"

How many of you out there have seen Charles Band's and his Full Moon Feature's Gingerdead Man starring Gary Busey? Well if you haven't you need to so you can watch Gingerdead Man 2 :The Passion of the Crust and the upcoming Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver. Right now let's focus on the Passion of the Crust which is the  evident sequel to Gingerdead Man.

Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust is as much fun as you could expect from a Full Moon movie. Watching each victim (this time on a movie set) get stalked down and killed by this killer cookie is just laughable yet still enjoyable to the point it just draws you in.  The effects are what you would expect but to me that makes it more enjoyable and cheesy
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Sneak Peek: this Sunday's Mad Men

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This clip from Sunday's episode "The Arrangements" doesn't show it, but Don and his father-in-law have a confrontation, probably because of Sally's thieving ways or about Gene staying there in general. Another plot involves Ann-Margret, played by Kelsey Sanders. Should be a good ep.

The clip below shows Don in a bad mood and not happy about more bad news that Ken, Harry, and Sal bring him.


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Exclusive: Josh Banks Interview (Private Web Series)

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The groundbreaking web series Private introduces you to a world of mystery and intrigue among the fabulously beautiful at Easton Academy. Since June, we have watched fans submit try-out reels for the role of Kiran, watched a reality show where three possible Kiran's fought for the role, and finally this last week the web series Private premiered on Private has been well worth the wait; the story of murder and mystery draws you in while the short webisodes leave you drooling for more. Reed Brennan (Kelsey Sanders) is given the ultimate experience by being placed inside the Billing Building where only the elite and most popular live on campus. Hailing from a small town and quickly becoming the target of the Billing girls, Reed must stand up for herself and make her own life at Easton. Quickly meeting Thomas Pearson, the hottest and richest guy on campus, Reed
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As ‘Private’ Debuts, Has Alloy Quietly Found Web TV’s Formula?

Alloy's new teen drama web series Private premiered today on, kicking off its twenty-episode foray into the web TV waters. With the prequel casting call series completed (Sanna Haynes won the role of Kiran), the scripted boarding school mystery begins. We've been following this series since its announcement back in May, and it stands out as one of the only stable business models for web entertainment. Making the step into web series is a natural move for Alloy Entertainment. This is the studio behind TV's Gossip Girl and the forthcoming The Vampire Diaries and films like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. For parent company Alloy Media + Marketing, its entertainment arm is just a piece of its play to conquer the young adult market, a market it could be credited with redefining. "Our lead character Reed (Kelsey Sanders) falls in love with a boy named Thomas (Brant Daugherty) and
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