Film Review: ‘Shot’

Film Review: ‘Shot’
Jeremy Kagan’s gun-control drama “Shot” opens with a bullet piercing a man’s back. There’s a problem. The bang should be louder. So sound mixer Mark (Noah Wyle) hits rewind, and as the squib rushes back inside the actor’s cowboy costume, he cranks up the bass. That’s how ammo blasts, thinks Mark. But in a few hours, a stray shot will teach him that real-life gunfire is nothing like the movies. (For one, the pop! sounds more hollow.)

Kagan’s intimate, split-screen study of the after effects of violence tracks both the victim and the shooter, a guilt-ridden teen named Miguel (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.). The kid’s story is too clichéd to let “Shot” sell itself as emotional realism, but 2nd Amendment advocates arming themselves against a Hollywood screed will be relieved that the film avoids political activism to focus on trauma and recovery.

The split-screen starts when Miguel, a
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'Shot': Film Review

'Shot': Film Review
Noah Wyle finds himself back in an ER — only as a patient, not a doctor — in Jeremy Kagan’s drama illustrating that getting shot really, really hurts. Terrifically effective when vividly illustrating the emergency medical procedures necessary to keep a gun victim alive, Shot falls short in terms of narrative. But it will certainly resonate for anyone who’s ever been rushed to a hospital.

The heavy-handedness of Anneke Campbell and Will Lamborn’s screenplay is evidenced by the opening scene, in which the film’s central character, Mark (Wyle), is shown to be a sound mixer adjusting the volume on...
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Noah Wyle’s Drama ‘Shot’ Lands at Paladin (Exclusive)

Paladin has acquired domestic theatrical rights to Noah Wyle’s “Shot,” a drama about three lives irrevocably changed when a gun is accidentally fired on a busy Los Angeles street.

Shot” stars Wyle, Sharon Leal and newcomer Jorge Lendeborg, Jr., in his first leading role. It’s directed and produced by Jeremy Paul Kagan along with Dave O’Brien and Josh Siegel. The script is based on an original story by Kagan, written by Anneke Campbell and Will Lamborn.

Wyle plays a movie sound mixer suddenly felled by a random bullet accidentally fired by a teenager from a gun passed to him by his cousin, meant to protect him against gang bullies. Kagan’s camera follows Wyle’s character from street, to stretcher, to gurney, to examining table — and juxtaposes the medical crisis with the teen’s moral one. The two meet face to face at the end of the film.

Paladin president Mark Urman said, “’Shot’ deals with the urgent social issue of gun violence in a striking and original way. What makes it particularly effective is that it is devoid of polemics and rhetoric—no speeches are made. Rather, through action and character alone, the viewer is drawn into a situation that is emotionally moving and disturbing. Anyone concerned about the lack of sensible gun control in our society, will want to see this film, and will tell others to see it as well.”

Paladin’s marketing campaign will be coordinated audience-engagement activity with wide array of gun control advocacy groups, organizations, and activists, both national and regional. John Raatz, an associate producer who coordinated grass roots outreach on Paladin’s release of Tom Shadyac’s “I Am,” will again be spearheading this initiative.

“This has been a passion project for me,” Kagan said. “I wanted to make a film where we get intimately involved in what happens when someone gets shot. I want us to care about these people and I didn’t want us to turn away, like we get to do with most movie violence. This isn’t about ‘no guns,’ it is about responsible living. It’s about sanity and gun safety to prevent the staggering loss of lives.”

The project was unveiled at the American Film Market in 2014.

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Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon Trying to Make ‘Heat Wave’ Happen

Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon Trying to Make ‘Heat Wave’ Happen
Two members of the wolf pack, Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon, are trying to get a little film called Heat Wave off the ground. The movie is a dark indie road comedy about two friends taking a cross country trip to go to a Bon Jovi Concert, and all the folks that them meet on their way. Currently the project has raised $2000 of the $20000 that the movie needs for a budget. Check out more below:

Heat Wave is a Dark Indie Road Comedy written by Russ Russo (The Projectionist, Donner Pass) to be directed by Will Lamborn (Award Winning SXSW and Sundance Director) and features an All-Star cast that includes Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon, True Blood’s Natasha Alam, John Carter’s Amanda Clayton, Machete’s Mayra Leal, Broadway’s Olja Hrustic, Twilight’s Bronson Pelletier and more. Heat Wave follows two guys from New Jersey running amok in Hollywood when it’s time to get out of Dodge, a Road Trip comes about due to the fact that Bon Jovi is giving a Farewell Concert in New Jersey in 3 days. It’s about life , friendship, the winding roads, discoveries of self and all the people you meet along the way with a twist.

The film is a collaborative effort stewarded by The Projectionist producer Atit Shah as a response to the changing landscape of the film industry. Russo and Gordon are partly financing the film themselves through Shah’s new company Create Entertainment in order to maintain complete creative control of the source material. We all experienced the frustrations of financing and institutional censorship as artists even when making dark comedy. But now, with advances in digital photography and distribution, we can tell a story in the manner we choose. Movies are changing and we’re changing with it.

The Heat Wave team has realized that Kickstarter is indeed a part of this new independent change, and is seeking to connect with our fan base even further with this campaign. Raising money will assist us in the production of our film in addition to increasing awareness of it. There is a distinct value in having an intimate relationship to those who care most about our work, and we are thankful to Kickstarter for helping foster these relationships.

Find out more about Heat Wave here.
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SXSW (Short) Review: Out Of Nowhere

Out Of Nowhere is a strange and mysterious film that combines the bizarre mentality of David Lynch with the curious displacement of time and space reminiscent of stories from The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone. The film could be described as a darker, grittier sort of Groundhog’S Day, but in Will Lamborn’s short film there is no clear and evident happy ending, leaving the audience wondering what the heck just happened… or, more appropriately… what the heck is happening?

This sense of bewilderment is not a negative criticism of Out Of Nowhere. In fact, its what makes the film interesting. Unlike the more readily accessible and standard feature film, a short film has the luxury of bending or even breaking the rules. Filmmakers get to experiment with short films and it produced some rather interesting results. Out Of Nowhere is an example of this experimentation. The story wets the appetite,
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Out of Nowhere and Now Out on the Big Screen

A short summary of a short film. Out of Nowhere, from director Will Lamborn, will appear at the South by Southwest film festival March 12. The synopsis sounds interesting, as character Peter (Dominic Spillane) attempts to out run a killer. The film also stars Samantha Colburn and John Henry Whitaker. A synopsis and a further cast bio' are below.

Tagline for Out of Nowhere:

Alone and on the run, a man tries to escape the desert.

The synopsis:

"On the run from a would-be killer, Peter, on foot and all alone in the desert, tries to find his way to civilization. As Peter tries to escape from the wilderness, he finds himself further and further away from where he wants to go"(Out of Nowhere).

Samantha Colburn, seen here, plays Mary in Out of Nowhere. She is a star in Cessation, which was recently shown at Cannes.

Release Date: March 12 (Limited Theatrical).

Director/writer: Will Lamborn.
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SXSW Releases Panels and Short Films Info

Diversity seems to be the key this year at the SXSW festival, which takes place in Austin, TX from March 12-20, as they’ve now announced the full lineup of Panels and short films that will be at this years event. As with the feature films schedule, this list of panels and shorts should provide an almost endless supply of diverse and interesting programming for attendees.

Following sre some highlights of panels we think are worth checking out. For a full list and descriptions, head over to the SXSW official site. Also, be sure to check back here at The Flickast as we’ll be at SXSW this year to bring you all the details on these great events and much more.

A Conversation with Michel Gondry

The stratospheric rise of Academy Award-winning visionary Michel Gondry is one of the great success stories of modern film. Working with fellow travelers like Spike Jonze,
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SXSW Film 2010 Announces Shorts, Panels

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival (March 12 - March 16, 2010) has announced the short film program and the list of panel participants. Michel GondryDavid Gordon Green, Jody Hill, Danny McBrideRuben Fleischer, Matt ReevesEli Roth, Quentin Tarantino, and Ti West are among the people scheduled to participate. The full list can be viewed at the provided link. As to the shorts program, the list is featured at the bottom of this post. The lineup is extensive, and full of unique films waiting to be discovered.

Comprehensive Short Films Lineup

Narrative Shorts

A selection of original, well-crafted films that take advantage of the short form and exemplify distinctive and genuine storytelling. The winner of our Grand Jury Award in this category is eligible for a 2011 Academy Award nomination for Best Narrative Short.


Director: David Wanger

A glimpse of the dawn of a strange new era.

Bedford Park Boulevard
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