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Virgins and Prostitutes: Jones' Movies on TCM

Shirley Jones Movies: Innocent virgins and sex workers galore (photo: Shirley Jones and Burt Lancaster in ‘Elmer Gantry’) (See previous post: “Shirley Jones: From Book to Movies.”) I haven’t watched The Cheyenne Social Club (1970), a comedy Western directed by Gene Kelly, and starring 62-year-old James Stewart as a cowpoke who inherits an establishment that turns out to be a popular house of prostitution. Henry Fonda plays Stewart’s partner. And I’m sure Shirley Jones, as one of the sex workers, looks lovely in the film. Hopefully, director Kelly gave this likable, talented actress the chance to do more than just stand around looking pretty. But then again … For all purposes, The Cheyenne Social Club ended Shirley Jones’ film stardom; that same year she turned to TV and The Partridge Family. Jones would return to films only nine years later, as one of several stars (among them Michael Caine,
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Bite Into the Eight-Movie Extreme Vampires Set on July 17th

An eight-pack of indie vampire flicks is hitting store shelves and virtual retailers on July 18th, and it's loaded with original director cuts presented in their original form the way they were intended to be viewed: raw and over-the-top!

The two-disc set includes:

Bloodwine: Andrea is just an ordinary Goth college girl trying to deal with the tragedies life has thrown at her. When her best friend, Brandy, comes back into her life, Andrea thinks things might finally be taking a turn for the better. But when the machinations of a mysterious woman, Carmilla, cause a birthday gift to go horribly awry, Andrea is forced to make the most difficult choice of her life, not only for herself, but for her dearest friend.

Livestock: A mysterious cult has decided to take a new direction in giving Victor, a hard working trusted member, a promotion. However, his cruel minded disciples have
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Exclusive Interview: Actor Roberto Lombardi Vs. Brian S

Roberto Lombardi is an actor/producer who got started in acting at seven years old. He's also a musician who can play several different instuments and he writes his own music.  He's also been credited for casting, location scout and  script supervisor as well as doing Special FX makeup.  Check out my latest "Versus" with the very down to Earth Roberto Lombardi as he shares eveything from how he got into acting to his current film projects and offering advice for the up and coming.


Brian  S- First off tell me how you got into acting?

Roberto Lombardi- I was on a children's television show as a child. I did some theater in school after that, did a few extra roles and I was hooked!

I come from a family of musicians, actors and artists so I've always had the "bug" to perform. Acting & music are my passion and
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Exclusive Interview: Actress Christina Sampson Vs. Brian S

Christina Sampson recently took a moment to let me in her little world of entertainment. She talks about all of her current and upcoming projects including some cool sci-fi films which I love of course. She also talks about her hobbies including football, video games and four wheelers and this is the point to where my little crush became a major crush. Sampson also has some side projects in the works and is a fan of charity work which also impressed me. Check out my latest "Versus" to find out more about actress Christina Sampson.

Brian S- First off Christina, tell me how you got into acting.

Cs- When I was a child I always had a fascination with tv shows and movies. I wanted to know everything I could about how they were made. I started mimicking people I saw on tv shows, and films. I was intrigued by
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