American Pavilion 2014- Thursday, May 22- Daily Update/Emerging Filmmaker Winners 2014

For the past 25 years The American Pavilion has offered opportunities in Cannes to film students from around the world. The 2014 Emerging Filmmaker Showcase will provide an opportunity for young filmmakers to have their works seen by Cannes Festival and Film Market attendees. Prizes have been awarded to winning filmmakers in each category and the top twenty-one films will be screened in a special “Emerging Filmmaker” showcase at The American Pavilion in Cannes.

Winners Announced!

Emerging Filmmaker Showcase – Best Documentary

Forest Man directed by William Douglas McMaster

Emerging Filmmaker Showcase – Best Short Film

Tuesday directed by Oscar Lalo

Emerging Filmmaker Showcase - Best Student Documentary

Paper State: Undocumented, Unafraid, Undeterred

Directed by Elena Gaby (Vassar College)

Emerging Filmmaker Showcase – Best Student Film

Still Life directed by Martin Sharpe, (Aie Melbourne)

Here is the full list of finalist in all categories

Student Films

The Wild Wild Test

Trailer | Website

A senile old man has to re-take his driving test, but he thinks he is in a western film the whole time.

2013, 4 min., USA, Animation, The School of Visual Arts

Writer/Director: Jeff Bryson


Trailer | Website

A stranded man and a silly seagull engage in a chase that lands them both in an unexpected place.

2013, 2 min., USA, Animation, The School of Visual Arts

Writer/Director: Donia Liechti, Vicky Penzes



Two undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles, dealing with loss, unknowingly connect through collective action.

2013, 20 min., USA, Drama, Santa Monica City College

Writer/Director: Dustin Brown

Producer: Dustin Brown, Mantas Valantiejus

Cast: Mantas Valantiejus, Elpidia Carrillo

Carry On

Trailer | Website

In 1944 Japanese occupied China, a Chinese father tries to save his daughter during the war. When the Japanese troop loots the village, the father stuffs his daughter into a large bag disguised as food, but a Japanese army officer spots his secret.

2014, 16 min., USA/China, Drama, Rochester Institute of Technology

Producer/Writer/Director: Yatao Li

Cast: Cheng Chang, Miura Kenichi


Trailer | Website

Environment modeling of the old St. Pancras Midland Station in London.

2013, 2 min., USA, Animation, The School of Visual Arts

Director: Ryan Chong


Trailer | Website

A young astronaut and his dog embark on one last adventure together through space.

2013, 3 min., USA, Animation, The School of Visual Arts

Writer/Director: Ellen Su, Kyle Moy


Trailer | Facebook

One seven year-old recalls the day she hid in a sink cabinet from a gunman who entered her school.

2014, 7 min., USA, Drama, New York University – Tisch School of the Arts

Writer/Director: Joseph Scott Rodriguez

Producer: Molly Castro

Cast: Mandy Goodwin, Dominique Prokapus, Carson Grant

Wini + George

Trailer | Website

An unlikely friendship changes one young boy’s life forever. When a shy 9-year-old outcast, first meets his 75-year-old reclusive neighbor, he’s immediately frightened by her. But soon enough, these two realize that they have more in common with each other than they do with the rest of the world.

2013, 12 min., USA, Drama, USC School of Cinematic Arts

Writer/Director: Benjamin Monie

Producer: Connor Flanagan, Jenny Koreny, Lindsey Villarreal

Cast: Will Babbitt, Katharine Ross

Still Life (Winner)

Trailer | Website

A bored and weary security guard does his nightly rounds of a dark and deserted art gallery when strange things start to happen..

2014, 6 min., Australia, Animation, Aie Melbourne (Australian Institute of Interactive Entertainment)

Writer/Director: Martin Sharpe Producers: Martin Sharpe, Pablo Tochez Anderson, Will Lovett, Jeremy Weppner, Brennan Merett

Emerging Filmmaker Short Films

The Corner Table

Trailer | Website | Facebook

A mysterious old foreigner visits India after 25 long years and becomes a regular at a charming town cafe. The conversations at the corner table with the gentleman and a young café waitress reveals a mystery on how strangers can sometimes become friends in the most unexpected way!

2013, 24 min., India, Drama

Writer/Director: Manjari Makijany

Producer: Manjari Makijany, Emmanuel Pappas

Cast: Tom Alter, Vinati Makijany, Pushtiie Shakti, Krishna Chaturvedi, Reuben Karkaria, Bhavna Pani, Vikrant Makijany

Sincerity (Sinceridad)

Trailer | Website

A young man decides to tell his parents a secret he’s been keeping to himself.

2014, 3 min., Spain, Subtitled, Dramedy

Director: Andrea Casaseca Ferrer

Writer: Maria Rodriguez Mora

Producer: Idoia Kareaga

Cast: Gerald B. Fillmore, Javier Laorden, Kiti Manver

Ups & Downs

Trailer | Facebook

Harry is embarrassed and ashamed of his brother Josh who suffers from Down’s Syndrome. At Harry’s 18th birthday party, Josh is told to stay away from Harry’s friends, but as Harry’s heavy drinking results in danger, only his brother can help.

2013, 9 min., United Kingdom, Drama

Director: Stuart Fryer

Writer: Adam Cohen

Producer: Charlotte Woodhead

Cast: Bobby Lockwood, Otto Baxter, Edward Ashley, Sophie Coward, Vanessa Bailey

The Usual

Trailer | Facebook

Set in the 1930s, a privileged couple learns, through a series of events, the meaning of pay-it-forward, when they unexpectedly find themselves the ones in need.

2014, 10 min., USA, Drama

Writer/Director: Dawn Higginbotham

Producer: Dawn Higginbotham, Kumari Bakhru, Claire Risoli, Sharen Davis and Renee O’Connor

Cast: Renee O’Connor, Mackenzie Astin, Russell Sams, Raymond O’Connor, Dustin Quick, Robert Pullman

Tuesday (Winner)

Trailer | Website

A man who takes an unexpected turn, struggles to keep all the pieces of his life together.

2013, 7 min., Switzerland/USA, Drama

Writer/Director: Oscar Lalo

Producer: Laura Bunbury, Lisa Bunbury

Cast: Oscar Lalo, Liv Southard

What’s On Your Mind?

Trailer | Facebook

What happens when one man decides to embellish his online status?

2014, 3 min., Norway, Comedy/Drama

Writer/Director: Shaun Higton

Producer: Andrew Adam Higton

Cast: Espen Alknes, Benedicte Westby

Today’s The Day

Trailer | Website

With the clock ticking away, Cloud Walker, a self-doubting intern at the most respected dance agency in La must ask the boss for his consent to attend the biggest the audition of the year. Struggling with his inner fears, Cloud’s dreams are quickly slipping away. It’s up to him to follow his heart or live the rest of his life in regret.

2013, 13 min., USA, Musical

Director: Daniel Campos

Writer: Daniel Campos, Tamara Levinson

Producer: Spencer Susser, Tova Dann

Cast: Daniel Campos, Danny DeVito

Emerging Student Documentaries


Trailer | Website

In the midst of an ongoing battle between impoverished Cambodians and powerful private companies over increasingly valuable land, a 72-year-old grandmother struggles to protect her home, family and community from land grabbing that often amounts to violent forced evictions.

2013, 21 min., Subtitled, USA/Cambodia, Documentary, Boise State University/New York University – Tisch Asia

Director: Garret Atlakson

Producer: Philip Atlakson, Mony Rath

Cast: Nget Khun

Paper State: Undocumented, Unafraid, Undeterred (Winner)

Trailer | Facebook

Four undocumented teenagers in Hudson Valley, NY, struggle to rise above their legal status and make the transition from high school to college.

2013, 25 min., USA, Documentary, Vassar College

Writer/Director: Elena Gaby

Producer: Ashlei Hardenburg

Emerging Documentaries

Being Different If You’re A Weddell Seal In Antarctica

Trailer | Website

Being different can mean a matter of life or death if you’re a Weddell seal pup in Antarctica. Ecologists from Montana State University return every year to study this iconic Antarctic marine predator, the southernmost mammal on Earth.

2013, 13 min., USA/Antarctica, Documentary

Writer/Director: Mary Lynn Price


Trailer | Website

Humanexus is a reflection on mankind’s long search for ways to connect each other, from cave drawings to tweeting.

2013, 11 min., USA, Animation/Documentary

Director: Ying-Fang Shen

Producer: Katy Borner

Forest Man (Winner)

Trailer | Website

The incredible story of Jadav Payeng, an Indian man who single-handedly planted nearly 1400 acres of forest to save his island, Majuli.

2013, 18 min., Canada/India, Documentary

Writer/Director: William Douglas McMaster

Producer: William Douglas McMaster, Mike Ritchie
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