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Identical/Identity: Villeneuve’s Doppelganger Thriller a Kafkaesque Dead Ringer

You can forget the pulpy throes of the dark hearted Prisoners, the recently released collaboration of Jake Gyllenhaal and director Denis Villeneuve, when you sit down for their latest release, Enemy (which was actually filmed first). In the fine tradition of doppelganger cinema, this is certainly a spectacular standout. And if any evidence is needed to point to Villeneuve as a director at the top of his game, look no further. Certain to confuse, perplex, and even irritate, it’s a beautiful, nightmarishly warped universe ripe for multiple readings and psychological explanations concerning hidden desires and oppositions.

A history professor at a Toronto university, Adam Bell (Gyllenhaal), seems to be living a lackluster existence, his life a series of repetitive instances mired in work and an unenthusiastic relationship with his girlfriend (Melanie Laurent). A co-worker recommends that Adam see
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Media Monkey's Diary: Doctor Who, Rosamund Pike and Sarah Lancashire

✒ As the BBC's use of nugs (plugs posing as news) becomes increasingly irksome – not only more of them, but they're allowed to spool on endlessly – competition to make the one that most annoys viewers and listeners in a given week has intensified. Last week's clear front-runners were Will Gompertz, for a five-minute Doctor Who-plugging visit to the Tardis repeatedly incessantly in news output, and James Naughtie, smashing Today's schedule to bits with a typically expansive appetiser for his programme on the Gettysburg address. No contest, for Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher. "So Radio 4 sport is now five minutes late as Jim warbles on," he grumpily tweeted, and retweeted approvingly someone calling it "somewhat ironic that the notoriously loquacious James Naughtie [is] doing an extended essay on a 270-word speech".

✒ All hail to Eleanor Mills, just appointed chair of Women in Journalism, but might there be issues for the Sunday Times's editorial
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