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‘Yellow Mic’ Hunts For Somewhat Important People

If any of you out there in the wide world of web television are feeling like you want to spend more time watching people with microphones follow around somewhat important people, you will be thrilled to hear that The Yellow Mic with Logan Leistikow (pronounced "Lice-tick-oh", in case you were wondering) will give you exactly that. The Yellow Mic, produced by Satacracy 88 producers Marc Cittadino and Andy Dugan, bills itself as a "guerrilla variety show", which basically means that we get to watch Logan chat up anyone willing to give him a few minutes on the big yellow-headed microphone he carries around. So far, the show consists of yellow-mic-laden Leistikow, and guests like Erin Tietsort of Sunset Tan, web stars Randy and Jason Sklar of Back on Topps, and video game personality Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski (above) in an episode hosted by Marcus Beer of Annoyed Gamer fame.
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