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The Rita Moreno California High School Musical Honors Announces 2018 Winners

A panel of nationally recognized judges-including casting director Michael Donovan, producer, director and choreographer Andy Ferrara, and actress Wendy Rosoff-announced the 2018 winners of The Rita Moreno California High School Musical Honors held last night at San Jose's Center for the Performing Arts. Sponsored by Children's Musical Theater San Jose Cmt and Broadway San Jose, a Nederlander Presentation, this yearly regional awards competition is coordinated by Cmt'sRita Moreno Awards ProgramDirector Deanna Knudsen andrecognizes outstanding achievement in high school musical theatre in the greater California region. The evening's showcase of leading actors and actresses was staged by Cmt's Artistic Director Kevin Hauge.
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New Scorpion Season 2,Episode 6 Official Spoilers,Description Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS released the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "Scorpion" episode 6 of season 2. The episode is entitled, "Tech, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll," and it turns out that we're going to see extremely dramatic and high intense stuff go down as a major fire traps lots of people inside a building after a virus gets uploaded to Walter's computer, and more! In the new, 6th episode press release: When A Nefarious Virus Is Uploaded To Walter's Computer, Team Scorpion'S New "Smart" Building Project Turns Into A Burning Death Trap With People Locked Inside, On A Special 90-minute Episode Of "Scorpion," Monday, Oct. 26. Press release number 2: Walter's attempt to "normalize" will go horribly wrong when a nefarious virus is uploaded to his computer, turning Team Scorpion's new "smart" building project into a burning death trap with people locked inside, on a special 90-minute episode of Scorpion.
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‘The Temp Life’ Returns, Stocked Up on Web Series Stars

Not since the Streamy Awards have we seen this many web series stars in one place. Ok not really, but with the fourth season of The Temp Life, the Spherion-backed comedy about life inside a dreadful NY temp agency kicking off today, the cast is loaded up with notable web series stars. The casting moves are signs this four-year old web show is growing up with the medium in which it plays. Call it Web TV's version of keiretsu. Creator Wilson Cleveland, Cjp Communications' Head of Digital Media, built the show back in 2006 for the firm's client Spherion. Incidentally, Cleveland also stars in the The Temp Life, as Nick “Trouble” Chiapetta, the once-ceo of Commodity Staffing, the shoddy agency. This new season picks up with some major changes once Chiapetta returns to office after a 33-week Awol. Notable guest (web) stars: Thom Woodley — co-creator and star of All's Faire, The 'Burg and Vuguru's The All-for-Nots.
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From ‘Burbank’ To Focus Groups, ‘Groupthink’ Spins Lady’s Touch

What happens when a divorcee "acquires" her ex-husband's marketing research company and asks her best friend, a beauty editor-turned-bestselling author, to help her run it? On the surface, it seems almost plausible. But when those two best friends are Cynthia and Pillar, two of the most self-obsessed women in the San Fernando Valley area, then things get interesting…and often hilarious. Especially when you bring in actors such as David H. Lawrence (Heroes, Goodnight Burbank) and Sandeep Parikh (The Guild, co-creator-director The Legend of Neil) to play some of the crazy cast of characters that participate in the focus groups for the horrible products that result from this "acquisition". Groupthink was created by two former cast members of Goodnight Burbank, so the writing-directing-producing-acting team of Angela Espinosa and Wendy Rosoff have a lot of web series experience to bring to the table. I had the pleasure of sitting down and
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‘Groupthink’ Finds Funny in Focus Groups

In social psychology terms, groupthink - a situation in which members of a group don’t speak their minds for fear of alienation by the rest of the group (Thanks, Wikipedia!) - is typically a bad thing. It leads to the group irrationally reaching a conclusion that none of the individuals in the group are necessarily happy with. But in web series terms, Groupthink is kinda fun. Created by Goodnight Burbank veterans Angela Espinoza and Wendy Rosoff, Groupthink chronicles the day-to-day operations of the Groupthink Market Research Group, a firm that gathers consumer feedback through focus groups. The show’s main characters are Groupthink’s chief executive best friends, Cynthia (Espinoza) and Pilar (Rosoff), and an infomercial Vo guy that bears a striking aural resemblance to Rod Roddy. Groupthink episodes are short - about two to three minutes - and can be a bit hit-and-miss. The hits tend to be
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