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Sully Movie Review: Clint Eastwood Teaches Heroism 101 to 'the Pussy Generation'

'Sully' movie with Tom Hanks as pilot Chesley Sullenberger: Clint Eastwood homage to 'the durable, honorable American male.' 'Sully' movie review: 'Taut, straightforward' drama features Clint Eastwood's latest all-American hero When considering Sully, Clint Eastwood's taut, straightforward account of heroism on trial, it helps to remember that the title character's name works as both noun and verb. And one can see how Eastwood was drawn to both meanings. The noun, of course, is the nickname of airline pilot Chesley Sullenberger, who saved the lives of 155 passengers and crew on January 15, 2009, by pulling off a daring water landing after a flock of birds took out both engines of his Us Airways flight minutes after it took off from New York's Laguardia airport. The Sully depicted here is, like many Eastwood heroes, made of uniquely American clay; a sturdy, rigorous material that the director,
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The Revenant - A Fun And Creative Vampire Flick

Director - D. Kerry Prior Cast - David Anders, Chris Wylde, Louise Griffiths, Jacy King, Eric Payne, Bernardo Badillo Release Year - 2012 Reviewed by John of the Dead The Revenant is an example of one of the greatest feelings a horror fan can experience. In this case, I was reading on a film I had just seen and saw this on IMDb as a related film and after checking it out I noticed that it had a good rating, good reviews, but I had never onc…
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Exclusive: Director D. Kerry Prior Talks The Revenant

D. Kerry Prior Talks The Revenant, in select theaters this weekend

Maybe bicycles, mold covered houses, and bagging on the president aren't your thing this weekend. Don't fret! If you like smart, funny story telling and plenty of gruesome gore, then guess what? You don't have to sit out this weekend at the box office! Director D. Kerry Prior has made just the movie just for you, and it's a kicking hell ride full of fun and gloriously horrible moments. Its The Revenant, and if you're a fan of old school Peter Jackson and movies like The Return of the Living Dead and Dead Heat, you don't want to miss out on this special treat.

The story follows fallen war hero Bart Gregory, who returns from the grave stateside after suffering massive head trauma in Iraq. He seeks out his hipster best friend Joey in need of blood, and the two become Los Angeles vigilantes,
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Contest: Win The Revenant Poster!

Contest: Win The Revenant Poster!
Paladin Films is getting ready to unleash The Revenant, the studio's zombie comedy from director D. Kerry Prior, which debuts on VOD formats nationwide August 24, along with a limited theatrical release. We love a good undead movie as much as the next horror fan, so we have a contest lined up to celebrate this genre twisting gore bath. We're giving away one of these very cool posters to our readers, which features Chris Wylde as Joey, and David Anders as his zombie pal Bart. Only the undead can enter! Read on for details...

Winners Receive:

The Revenant poster

Here's How To Win!

Just "Like" (fan) the MovieWeb Facebook page (below) and then leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!

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This breakout horror comedy centers around a fallen
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The Revenant Red Band Trailer

The Revenant Red Band Trailer
Paladin Films has provided us with the red band trailer, three clips, and a photo gallery from The Revenant, directed by D. Kerry Prior. Chris Wylde stars as Joey, who gets the surprise of a lifetime when his friend Bart (David Anders) comes back from the grave as a zombie. The duo take to the streets of L.A., killing drug dealers and criminals so Bart can have a fresh supply of blood. Take a look at this age-restricted trailer and clips from the upcoming zombie comedy, arriving on VOD formats and in limited theaters August 24.

The Revenant - Red Band Trailer

The Revenant - Snack

The Revenant - Matty's Visit

The Revenant - Bart Rises from the Grave

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This breakout horror comedy centers around a fallen soldier who somehow finds he has joined the ranks of the living dead. Bart Gregory
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