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Last Shift: Anthony Diblasi directs a reimagining of his 2014 film

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Last Shift: Anthony Diblasi directs a reimagining of his 2014 film
Only eight years have gone by since the release of director Anthony Diblasi’s well-received horror feature Last Shift – but the filmmaker has already decided to return to the concept for an “expanded reimagining” that recently wrapped production. Jessica Sula (Split) stars in the currently untitled reimagining, which is coming to us from Welcome Villain Films. This is the company’s first feature.

The Last Shift reimagining centers on

a rookie police officer (Sula) who willingly takes the last shift at a newly decommissioned police station in an attempt to uncover the mysterious connection between her father’s death and a vicious cult. Throughout the night, she finds herself barraged by terrifying supernatural events while unveiling the truth behind her family’s twisted past. This reimagining takes the premise of the 2014 festival hit and flips it on its head, thrusting viewers into a relentless, adrenaline-fueled, bloody cult nightmare.

Sula is
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‘Last Shift’ Reimagining Gets a Star in ‘Split’ Actor Jessica Sula

‘Last Shift’ Reimagining Gets a Star in ‘Split’ Actor Jessica Sula
Earlier this year, brand new production and distribution company Welcome Villain Films launched with “an expanded reimagining” of 2014’s Last Shift in the works. Today, Last Shift announced its lead and a tease of what to expect.

Split actress Jessica Sula (“Scream: The TV Series”) will star in director Anthony Diblasi’s reimagining of his 2014 chiller.

Sula will play “a rookie police officer (Sula) who willingly takes the last shift at a newly decommissioned police station. She hopes to uncover the mysterious connection between her father’s death and a vicious cult, but throughout the night she’s thwarted by terrifying supernatural events that connect to her family’s twisted past.”

The untitled reboot has wrapped production, with post-production expected to finish this fall for a planned 2023 release.

Diblasi co-wrote the upcoming film with Scott Poiley, and it sounds like it will be a much bigger, bloodier affair.

“The world
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Trailer and poster for horror Extremity

Ahead of its limited theatrical release this Friday, a trailer and poster have arrived online for the new horror Extremity. Directed by Anthony Diblasi, the film stars Dana Christina, Chad Rook, Natalie Victoria, and J. Larose; check them out here…

A young woman obsessed with horror, subjects herself to twelve hours of gruelling torment in an attempt to confront her own fears and conquer the tragic past which haunts her.

Extremity is set for a limited theatrical release on September 28th, followed by a VOD/Blu-ray release on October 2nd.

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Super Crazy Trailer for 'Extreme Haunt' Horror Indie Film 'Extremity'

"A mind is a terrible thing to break." Dread Central Presents has released the official trailer for an indie horror thriller titled Extremity, the latest feature from director Anthony Diblasi. Extremity plays with the popular modern horror concept of "extreme haunts", or experiences horror fans can pay for that put them in horrific, torturous situations. The plot follows a young woman obsessed with horror who subjects herself to hours of grueling torment inside an extreme haunt in an attempt to confront her fears and conquer the tragic past that haunts her. Starring Dana Christina, J. Larose, Cam Damage, September D'Angelo, Felissa Rose, Tiffany Shepis, Chad Rook, Michael St. Michaels, Natalie Victoria, and Ricky Dean Logan. I wasn't even sure if I should post this, but it just looks so crazy with some seriously freaky imagery, I couldn't help it. You hve to see all this for yourself. Here's the first
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‘Last Shift’ Review

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Stars: Juliana Harkavy, Joshua Mikel, J. Larose, Natalie Victoria, Sarah Sculco, Kathryn Kilger, Mary Lankford Poiley | Written and Directed by Anthony Diblasi

Horror is at its best when there isn’t a focus on over doing special effects to try to shock the audience. If a film can make use of its location, add in some lighting and create a feeling of claustrophobia then it can create scares better than any computer can. This is the strength of Last Shift.

Jessica Loren’s (Juliana Harkavy) first shit as a police officer is to stay in a closing police station alone until the hazmat team to come pick-up some bio-hazardous waste still left in the armoury. Meant to be the only person left in the station it’s not long before she finds herself haunted by both the living and the dead.

Last Shift is smart because it builds atmosphere before the horror is brought in.
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New UK trailer for Anthony Diblasi’s ‘Last Shift’

Set to debut on DVD and VOD on Monday 18th January, courtesy of Solo Media and Matchbox Films, Last Shift is the latest slice of horror from director Anthony Diblasi (Most Likely to Die, Cassadaga, Dread), and stars The Walking Dead‘s Juliana Harkavy, alongside Joshua Mikel, J. La Rose, Natalie Victoria and Sarah Sculco. And we have the new UK trailer for the film – check it out below, along with the UK artwork.

Rookie police officer Jessica Loren (Juliana HarkavyThe Walking Dead) has been assigned the last shift at a transitioning police station and must wait for a hazmat crew coming to pick up biomedical evidence. Ordered not to leave the station under any circumstance, Jessica comes to learn that it’s more than just an outdated station, its home to the ultimate embodiment of evil and his devoted blood thirsty followers. Jessica is left to fend for
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Last Shift Promises a Cult Following: First Poster

Tagline: "Fear the ones left behind." Last Shift is a horror film from Skyra Entertainment. The film, previously titled Paymon, involves a late shift and a haunted police station. The film stars Juliana Harkavy, Joshua Mikel, J. Larose and Natalie Victoria. The first movie poster for the Last Shift is hosted here. The graphic shows the supernatural forces, housed with the film. Focusing on a now deceased cult and following, the film brings several maniacal characters back from the grave. Slightly disorienting, the poster shows one character affixed to a wall. Demonic forces will descend, when the Last Shift releases. A release date for the film has not been release. However, a trailer is sure to come this way, shortly. Actress Juliana Harkavy is pictured here. Release Date: Tba. Director: Anthony Diblasi. Cast: Juliana Harkavy, Joshua Mikel, J Larose and Natalie Victoria. A fan page for the film is hosted
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This Chemical Peel is Too Caustic: A Movie Review

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by the filmmakers. **there are minor spoilers here. Director: Hank Braxtan. Writers: Dan Sinclair, Hank Braxtan, Arielle Brachfeld, and Natalie Victoria. Cast: Natalie Victoria, Arielle Brachfeld, Stephanie Greco and Lacy Fisher. Chemical Peel is a smallish horror feature. This title was released earlier in the year (Oct. 14th, 2014), through Lions Gate Entertainment. A film about a toxic chemical spill, Chemical Peel spends most of its ninety-five minute runtime with bickering characters. Several so-called friends, at a bachelorette party, are more toxic than the mist outside. Shot almost entirely inside one location, the film is an exercise in what not to do in a catastrophe. Characters act in cowardly and idiotic ways, which makes Chemical Peel a difficult watch. A group of girls gather for a night of drinking and celebrating. Fifteen minutes into the story, it is finally revealed that the girls have come together.
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Indie Spotlight

We return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes release details and the trailer for Chemical Peel, premiere details for Refuge, Day for Night, and Perfidy, a new Summer of Blood trailer and much more:

Chemical Peel Release Details and Exclusive Comments from Actress Natalie Victoria: Actress Natalie Victoria stars in “Chemical Peel,” a Lionsgate Home Entertainment Release that will be available on October 14th. Here are some comments from Natalie on us why she enjoyed working on this movie:

“I think the best thing about this film is it’s a unique, fun, realistic concept that will scare people, you know? I love films that are set in a real and really raw reality that frighten you to the core. Chemical Peel is a real ‘what would You do?’ kind of film that gets you thinking,
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Line-up announced for Frightfest’s 2014 All-Nighter

The FrightFest All-Nighter 14 returns to its spiritual home, The Prince Charles Cinema, on Saturday October 25th, with five killer titles, including the world premiere of Anthony Diblasi’s Last Shift.

The evening kicks off with a special preview of The Vicious Brothers Extraterrestrial, a fine blend of Close Encounters and Communion with “some of the most extraordinary special effects and camerawork you’ll see in 2015″. Next up, The ABC’s of Death 2 needs no introduction. The first was a huge draw at FrightFest Glasgow and now attendees can scream along to 26 more deaths by 26 handpicked filmmakers. This is followed by the world premiere of Anthony Diblasi’s demonic horror Last Shift, which had to be dropped from the August line-up because of altered release and completion dates as did the next film – the highly anticipated sequel The Pact II, which has its UK premiere. And Giallo fans will not want
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Lionsgate Goes In For a Chemical Peel

We've been talking about Chemical Peel since 2012, and now the flick has finally nailed itself some distribution courtesy of Lionsgate. Read on for when you can see this bad boy, and then head straight to the dermatologist.

From the Press Release

Prepare to feel the burn as Chemical Peel arrives on DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD, and Video on Demand October 14 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

What starts off as the perfect bachelorette weekend quickly takes a gruesome turn when a deadly chemical toxin is released into the air.

Starring Natalie Victoria (Abstraction), Arielle Brachfeld (The Haunting of Whaley House), and Stephanie Greco (Hansel & Gretel), the Chemical Peel DVD includes two audio commentaries, a “making of” featurette, and outtakes.

A weekend trip to the woods for a bachelorette party turns deadly when a nearby train accident causes a chemical reaction to overtake the secluded valley. But waiting out the disaster inside
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Official Trailer for the October Release Chemical Peel

Grindstone has released an official trailer for Hank Braxtan's Chemical Peel. If you recall, we introduced you to an early trailer shortly after the film was made. With an October 14th DVD release from Lionsgate Home Entertainment on the way, we get this new preview. Natalie Victoria, Arielle Brachfeld, Stephanie Greco, Lacy Fisher, Leigh Davis, Ruben Pla and Lony’e Perrine star.

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‘Livid’ & ‘Deadheads’ get UK TV premieres on Horror Channel

Horror Channel gets some gaellic-flavoured supernatural chills this June with the UK TV premiere of Livid, the highly-rated and unusually twisted gothic nightmare from ‘Inside’ directors Julien Mauray and Alexandre Bustillo. It will be aired on Saturday June 14, 10.50pm. This really is one to watch.

Lucie (Chloe Coulloud) is facing her first day as a trainee in-house caregiver. She visits Mrs Jessel (Beatrice Dalle), an old woman who lies in a cerebral coma in her large desolate house. Chloe discovers that the disabled former dance teacher supposedly has a treasure hidden somewhere in her foreboding home, Lucy and her friends, William and Ben, decide to search the creepy mansion in the hope of finding it. But their hunt will lead them into a horrifying supernatural series of events that will unlock a dark secret of unspeakable horror.

Horror Channel is also showing the UK TV premiere of the outrageous 2011 zom-com Deadheads.
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Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead Scores Distro

Thomas J. Churchill's ambitious new zombie/period feature Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead has scored itself some distribution, and we have all of your details right here. Read on for the latest on this zombie-filled opus.

From the Press Release

Writer/director Thomas J. Churchill's (Syfy's Monster Man, Emerging Past) 1957 styled zombie film Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead tells the story of the beginning of the zombie apocalypse and is scheduled for a July 2014 summer release through Origin Releasing.

Established in late 2012, Origin's team of executives have over 100 years of experience in distribution, production and acquisitions for disc distribution, VOD, television and theatrical. “We are very excited to be working with Thomas and his team at Church Hill Productions and look forward to being a part of the distribution of his films,” stated Brian Jaynes, COO at Origin.

"The film will be available everywhere,
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'Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead' Gets Summer Release Plus Enjoy Exclusive Stills

'Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead' Gets Summer Release Plus Enjoy Exclusive Stills
Indie writer and director Thomas J. Churchill tipped us off today that his 1950's period zombie feature Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead has secured July 2014 distribution via Origin Releasing, as well as providing us some exclusive stills from the flick.

"The film will be available everywhere, including but not limited to Redbox and all wholesale stores such as WalMart, BestBuy etc., and will also be available on all major cable and satellite providers for VOD, including Netflix, iTunes etc.," stated Churchill of Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead.

Produced by Churchill and David M. Parks with cinematography by Wolfgang Meyer, Lazarus revolves around the character of George Lazarus (Ray Capuana), an insurance investigator who schedules routine interviews with twelve employees of the Deadly Sin Cigarette Company upon the receipt of a rather suspicious insurance claim. In the process he learns that all twelve had recently been fired
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Exclusive Debut of the Official Lazarus Poster Art

It's been awhile since we've updated you on Thomas J. Churchill's ambitious new zombie/period feature Lazarus, but all good things come to those who wait, and today we have the exclusive debut of the film's official poster.

Churchill told us that the film is finishing up post-production now, and the producers have begun negotiating with several distributors for a mid-2014 release so stay tuned! In the interim visit the official Lazarus website and "like" Lazarus on Facebook.


1957 - Hollywood, CA. A telegram arrives at the office of George A. Lazarus (Ray Capuana), an insurance investigator, to investigate a suspicious claim that was just put in by Deadly Sin Cigarette Company. Lazarus begins to schedule routine interviews with the twelve employees that are named on this claim. He learns that they all had just gotten fired for being sick at the job but never makes it back to the office.
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'M is for Marriage' Review

Reviewed by Colleen Wanglund,

Directed by Todd Freeman

Runtime 4 minutes

Written and directed by Todd Freeman, M is for Marriage (formerly titled Love Sick) is a short film currently in the running for a spot in the upcoming anthology horror film ABCs of Death 2.

Starring Natalie Victoria, Jeffree Newman, and Michael Draper, the film tells the story of a couple attending marriage counselling. The counselor uses a very unusual technique—having his patients visually manifest their pain. The couple is separated for this, but things don't go well for this particular couple.

M is for Marriage is a unique short film that I found to be quite compelling. The acting is well done, especially by Natalie Victoria who expertly conveys the deep hurt and anger she feels toward her husband. It is simply but effectively shot and edited, and the Special Effects are amazing. I think the other
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Horror Fans Can Help "M is for Marriage" Become the 26th Film in the Upcoming Anthology ABCs of Death

The competition for the 26th spot on the ABCs of Death 2 horror anthology is in full swing. Several directors have submitted their films for the top spot of being included in the future release of this film. Todd E. Freeman (Cell Count) has thrown his hat in the ring and his film is titled "M is for Marriage." This short film stars Natalie Victoria (Deadheads) and Jeffree Newman. The film is a disturbing one and it is hosted below, in its entirety. The film's story involves bio-transference psychology and an angry patient. This patient is able to transfer some of her hate, for her husband, onto the psychologist and her darker emotions appear as lesions, on the counsellour. The ending is a blood splattering good time. Fans of Todd E. Freeman or of the short film can help this title win the competition. Viewers simply need to click like on
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Yet Another Paymon: The King of Hell Police Poster

Kathryn Kilger has been snapped in her role as Dorthea Paymon in the latest character poster from writer/director Anthony Diblasi's ('Dread') new horror 'Paymon'. This third teaser poster follows on from the two previous ones we posted up yesterday featuring her fellow Paymon's Kitty and John Michael played by Sarah Sculco ('Cassadaga') and Joshua Mikel respectively. 'Paymon' also stars Juliana Harkavy, J. Larose, Erica Lea Shelton and Natalie Victoria ('Deadheads'). Check out the new poster below....
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Two New Character Posters from Paymon: The King of Hell

Writer/director Anthony Diblasi's ('Dread') new horror project 'Paymon' The King of Hell is currently shooting but that doesn't stop Skyra Entertainment providing us with a couple of early character posters from the production featuring its stars Sarah Sculco ('Cassadaga') and Joshua Mikel. Head below to check out the first new posters courtesy of both Bloody Disgusting and ShockTillYouDrop. Juliana Harkavy, J. Larose, Erica Lea Shelton and the gorgeous Natalie Victoria ('Deadheads') also star....
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