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From Script to Screen: Mysterious Feature Darkest Night Begins Casting

Tagline: “The Blood will Come Full Circle!” A few details are emerging for the upcoming horror feature Darkest Night. Based on Michael Sean Erickson's book of the same name, the film will be produced by Bill Oberst Jr. (Stressed to Kill), Robert Lasardo (Anarchy Parlor) and Shaun Gerardo. Oberst Jr. and Lasardo will also star in this film, along with young actress Mykayla Sohn (The Chosen). The film and the book focus on the Mudd family. Hounded by a creature, in the nearby forest, they are also isolated by the local townsfolk. This picture will begin production, shortly, within Los Angeles. More story details are available here. From the official synopsis, the Mudd family must protest their land. But, a beast and religious zealots are closing in. This remote family has secrets to hide. And, when two girls go missing, the family must reveal their true nature. The film
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Horror Highlights: Freeform’s Beyond, Sleepy Hollow Season 3 DVD, Darkest Night

Imagine if 12 years of your life passed you by and then you woke up and realized everything familiar was gone. Details on the premiere of Freeform's Beyond kick off today's Highlights. Also: Sleepy Hollow Season 3 DVD release info and special features as well as Darkest Night pre-production details.

Freeform's Beyond Series Premiere Details: Press Release: "Holden Matthews wakes up from a 12-year coma to discover he’s now part of something he doesn’t understand on the two-hour series premiere of “Beyond” Monday, January 2, 2017, at 9:00 p.m. Est. Additionally on January 2, the entire first season of “Beyond” will be available on multiple digital platforms, including the Freeform app,, On Demand and Hulu.

Beyond” is a one-hour drama about Holden, a young man who wakes up from a coma after 12 years and discovers new abilities that propel him into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. Now Holden must
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Horror Highlights: Intruder, Traders, The Dooms Chapel Horror, Rise Of The Black Flame #1

A quiet night at home turns into a frightening game of cat-and-mouse in the official trailer for IFC Midnight’s Intruder. Also in today’s Horror Highlights: a trailer and release details for the John Bradley-starring film Traders, teaser videos and release information for The Dooms Chapel Horror, and the cover art and details for the first issue of Dark Horse’s Rise of the Black Flame comic book series.

Watch the Trailer for Intruder: “A young woman’s quiet night in becomes a free-fall into fear in this disturbing home invasion thriller. After she lands her dream job, a young cellist (Louise Linton) settles in for a relaxing few days holed up in her apartment but as a violent storm rages outside, she can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching her every move. Cleverly toying with the rules of suspense, director Travis Z wrings maximum terror from everyone’s worst nightmare: you may not be alone.”

Written and directed by Travis Zariwny, Intruder stars Louise Linton, John Robinson, and Moby. The film will be released theatrically in New York and on VOD nationwide on June 24th courtesy of IFC Midnight.”


Traders Trailer, Poster, and Release Details: Press Release: “Desperate times call for desperate measures, but the scheme at the center of Traders may be the most desperate of all. The twist-filled suspense drama in which young men risk their lives to get ahead stars John Bradley (Samwell from Game of Thrones) and Killian Scott. Traders will be available on Digital Platforms and Cable VOD on July 11, 2016.

Jobs are gone. Homes are being repossessed. Suicide rates are soaring. But newly unemployed Vernon Stynes (John Bradley, Game of Thrones) might have the solution to the despair brought on by recession. He masterminds a diabolical, all-or-nothing plan he calls Trading. Through an underground online network of similarly displaced individuals, two people agree to “trade” by emptying their bank accounts, selling everything they own and putting the cash in nondescript green bags. They then travel to a remote location, dig a grave and fight to the death. Winner buries the loser and takes the two bags.

Then you find someone else and do it again, and again, and again, until you are rich enough or dead, whichever comes first. Like Vernon, Harry Fox (Killian Scott, Calvary, Love/Hate) has lost his job and his dignity. What else has he got to lose? Why not become a Trader? But when Trading becomes an alarmingly popular underground phenomenon, Vernon becomes a participant in the very game he created. Featuring an exciting young cast and sure to appeal to fans of such classics as Shallow Grave and Fight Club, Traders is a daring and troubling look at the depths to which ordinary people can be driven.

iTunes pre-order link:”


The Dooms Chapel Horror Teaser Videos & Release Details: Press Release: “Paducah, Kentucky – The indie horror title The Dooms Chapel Horror is set for a wide release. This title, from director John William Holt and writer Jason Turner, will be available on DVD and through Video-on-demand formats this week. This feature focuses on the character Kyle Cole, his return to a small town and a strange group – with nefarious plans. As well, the film stars Bill Oberst Jr., Joshua Mark Robinson, Shaun Gerardo and Wendy Kneeling. A preview of the film’s home entertainment launch is hosted here.

The film will be available on a number of platforms. On cable, The Dooms Chapel Horror will be showing on DirectTV, the Dish Network and Charter. Through Video-on-demand, this title will be on Netflix, Vimeo-on-demand, iTunes and Amazon Video. Also, this horror title will be available on DVD at: Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Barnes & Noble. Being distributed by Brain Damage Films, a sub-division of Midnight Releasing, this title will be available across North America, beginning this June 14th!

The film’s official trailer:

The official synopsis: Kyle Cole returns to home for the first time in nearly 10 years with the hopes of healing the emotional wounds caused by a family tragedy. What he finds is that his family and the town are not ready for the same. However, a mysterious man, Jordan, has been waiting for him with an evil plan.

More info:

Social media links:

On Twitter:”


Rise of the Black Flame #1 (of 5) Release Details & Cover Art: “Press Release: “Milwaukie, Or— This September, legendary Hellboy creator Mike Mignola,iZOMBIE co-creator Chris Roberson, Criminal Macabre and 30 Days of Night artist Christopher Mitten, award winning colorist Dave Stewart and cover artist Laurence Campbell will present Rise Of The Black Flame. This five issue miniseries from Dark Horse Comics will present a dark horror story about an ancient, evil power. In Rise Of The Black Flame, young girls are going missing from the cities of Siam, and the trail leads to the jungle hideout of a bloodthirsty cult– the Cult of the Black Flame.

“There have been several villains in Hellboy’s world who’ve been called the Black Flame, and the striking visual of a skeleton burning with dark flames is pretty hard to beat,” said co-writer Chris Roberson. “In Rise Of The Black Flame, we reveal that before there was a man called the Black Flame, there was an ancient cult hidden deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia known by that name. We plumb the depths of cruelty and ruthlessness that groups of people are capable of reaching, and explore how this cult which reaches back to prehistoric times is connected to the most dangerous villain in the history of the Hellboy books.”

“After all these years it’s still so exciting to find new corners (or in this case a giant shadowy, uncharted abyss of horror) of the Hellboy world left to explore,” said Mike Mignola.

In addition to Rise Of The Black Flame, Roberson and Mignola will be co-writing Hellboy & The Bprd: 1954 and Witchfinder: City Of The Dead. Rise Of The Black Flame will mark the Mignolaverse debut of artist Christopher Mitten.

“It is tremendous fun–and a little surreal–to be given the chance to dive into this fantastic universe,” said Christopher Mitten. “Mike and Chris (with whom I’ve long wanted to work) have concocted a fantastic story, and then there’s Dave Stewart…I mean, Knowing Dave would be coloring and then actually Seeing his artistry in action are two wholly different things. Getting a chance to dip my toe into this expansive world has made me want to dig in and explore more of it, to go off into little corners and find what strangeness, what beauty, lurks there.”

Rise Of The Black Flame #1 (of 5) goes on sale from Dark Horse Comics on September 7. Preorder your copy today at your local comic shop!”

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You Can Join A Cult with The Dooms Chapel Horror on DVD Now!

Tagline: “Yours. Mine. Ours.” Brain Damage Films is releasing John Holt's The Dooms Chapel Horror today. The film, shot in Paducah, Kentucky, involves a homecoming for Kyle Cole (Austin Madding). But, things have changed in Kaler Mills and a strange cult has taken over this small town. The film stars: Bill Oberst Jr., Joshua Mark Robinson, Shaun Gerardo and Wendy Kneeling. And, indie horror film fans can find more on the film's release here. This film fan reviewed The Dooms Chapel Horror in 2015. A tense film in the third act, this title offers a lot of thrills throughout as Kyle confronts his past. A 28Dla review of the film is available here: The Dooms Chapel Horror Review on 28Dla. As well, the film will be available on a number of platforms. As Midnight Releasing handles the DVD release, The Dooms Chapel Horror will be available through Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Video - via video-on-demand. On cable, this title is now available on DirectTV, the Dish Network and Charter. There...

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Interview: Shaun Gerardo Talks The Immortal Wars (Exclusive)

  • ShockYa
Interview: Shaun Gerardo Talks The Immortal Wars (Exclusive)
The strongest and most resolute people are often the most determined to not only fight for survival, but also secure and maintain power, especially in the emotionally and physically toughest environments. Actor and producer Shaun Gerardo is proving once again how persistently he’s working to achieve his goals, not just in his overall career, but specifically in his upcoming action film, ‘The Immortal Wars.’ The Carcass Studios thriller is set to powerfully chronicle the fight for survival and power during the war between deviants and humans. ‘The Immortal Wars,’ which is scheduled to be released next year, was written and directed by Joe Lujan, who also served as a producer [ Read More ]

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L.M.A.O. Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Announces Premiere of 'Murder At Thick City'

Actress Dawna Lee Heising of MoreHorror in Hollywood plays Layla in the over the top murder mystery Murder at Thick City.

Check out all the full details and video in the official release below.

From The Press Release

This hilarious, over-the-top, murder mystery written by Gary Hardwick (Deliver Us From Eva, The Brothers) and directed by actress/producer, Nina Womack (The Power of Love, Melrose Place, Pacific Palisades) takes place present day at a fictitious strip club called "Thick City."

Starring Patrick Faucette (Tyler Perry's The Haves And The Have Nots) as Detective Monroe; Dawna Lee Heisling (MoreHorror in Hollywood; After School Massacre) as Layla; Rico McClinton (Battlefield) as Damien; Angel Aviles (Mi Vida Loca, Desperado) as Gina; Nina Womack (Melrose Place, Power of Love) as Angela;; Shaun Gerardo (Clock Out, Alpha & Omega 2) as Taylor; Richie Lillard (Club Lingerie) as Cinique; and last but not least, NeiCe Knight-Preuitt (Get Thee Behind Me,
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The Dooms Chapel Horror – Intense Trailer and Stills

The Dooms Chapel Horror is a creature feature with heart. This tale of terror recently had its World Premiere, in Paducah Kentucky. Here, the film played at the River’s Edge Film Festival, to a packed house. This indie horror feature tells a tale of revenge. And, the film centrally stars: Bill Oberst Jr. (Deadly Revisions), Shaun Gerardo (X-Men: First Class), Wendy Keeling (Revelation Trail) and Joshua Mark Robinson (Burning Kentucky). The filmmakers, director John William … Continue reading →
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'Deadly Revisions' Movie Review

Reviewed by Grace Fontaine,

Deadly Revisions

Written and Directed by Gregory Blair

Starring: Bill Oberst Jr. (Grafton Torn), Mikhail Blokh (Deter McManus), Cindy Merrill (Ally Morris), Lisa Hart (Kat Torn), Gregory Blair (Crawford Davis), Ronny Coleman (Doctor Myers), Shaun Gerardo (Ash), Dawna Leigh Heising (Nurse Vorhees) and Josh Patterson (Noose Man/Hatchet Man)

Any writer will tell you that Writers’ Block is The Worst because it could be considered a type of amnesia. There is nothing more defeating than sitting down in front of your word processor/writing pad/computer/wall of your padded cell and not finding the motivation or the desire to get to work. The ability to get over this obstacle all but takes a miracle for a writer to overcome be it through a creative muse, having a heck of a dream or an epiphany that suddenly puts it all into perspective. Now, while Writers’ Block is a bane,
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Shooting begins on 'Natural Born Filmmaker'

Hollywood Skewers Itself in a Dark, Snarky Film About The Horrors of Filmmaking

Horror comes to Hollywood in more ways than one in Grunder Oakley Productions’ “National Born Filmmaker,” which has begun shooting this month. “National Born Filmmaker” focuses on the story of two filmmakers as their Hollywood dream that turns into a nightmare. Zombies included.

Described as both a cautionary tale as well as a spoof, "Natural Born Filmmaker" puts a searing magnifying glass on the workings of Hollywood as it reveals what happens when you mix naive producers, shady investors and carefully calculated contracts. And it does it all with a wry sense of self-awareness that hasn’t been captured since “The Bad and the Beautiful.” The resulting mix of horror and hilarity makes for a thrilling rollercoaster ride of raging hostilities, blazing guns and…did we mention zombies?

Natural Born Filmmaker” has an ensemble cast of renowned
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Deadly Revisions Completes Production and Releases a Batch of New Stills

We haven't mentioned Gregory Blair's Deadly Revisions for quite some time, but now that it has completed production, an update has come as well as a batch of new stills featuring the film's star, Bill Oberst, Jr.

Written and directed by Blair, Deadly Revisions stars (along with Oberst and Blair himself) Mikhail Blokh, Cindy Merrill, Lise Hart, Ronny Coleman, Dawna Lee Heising, and Shaun Gerardo.

The film was shot in Los Angeles and tells the terrifying tale of a writer trying to recover his memories after experiencing an amnesia-inducing coma. It focuses on the character Grafton Torn (Oberst Jr.), who experiences nightmarish visions involving murder. A hypnotherapist helps Torn remember his past life, but his horror writing blends reality and fiction together until nothing is real anymore.

Deadly Revisions is expected to bloody several film festivals in 2014 so stay tuned for more info soon, and in the meantime check
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New Images Released for Horror Flick Deadly Revisions

  • Cinelinx
In today's Indie Beat we have some brand spanking new stills from the upcoming indie horror flick Deadly Revisions, from writer/director Gregory Blair. Having just completed production on the title, they're now ready to share some disturbing images from the film with us here. Come inside to check them out!

Here at Cinelinx we like to talk about all aspects of filmmaking and movie news. To that end, we have Indie Beat where we highlight some of the latest news, trailers, and PR releases from the indie filmmaker scene. So if you're an independent filmmaker and want some coverage on our site, be sure to drop us a line at

{gallery}Deadly Revisions{/gallery}

Director Gregory Blair’s moody horror film, Deadly Revisions, has completed production. This feature was shot in Los Angeles, with actors Bill, Oberst Jr., Dawna Lee Heising and Cindy Merrill. Deadly Revisionstells
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Gregory Blair's Deadly Revisions Brings Nightmares Out of the Dark

Award winning director Gregory Blair has completed production on his indie horror feature Deadly Revisions. This film stars Bill Oberst Jr., Mikhail Blokh and Cindy Merrill. Oberst Jr. plays the protagonist, a writer with amnesia. Deadly Revisions has released a teaser trailer, earlier in 2012. And now, Blair has released several photos for the film. The story is mysterious in nature. The character Torn (Oberst Jr.) is recovering from a coma. That coma has erased his memories. Now, Torn must recover what he has lost, with help from a hypnotherapist (Merrill). But, only nightmares emerge from his past. Deadly Revisions is expected to release in 2014 as the film tours several festivals. For now, horror fans can preview the film below, with several stills. Release Date: 2014. Director/writer: Gregory Blair. Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Mikhail Blokh , Cindy Merrill, Lise Hart, Ronny Coleman, Gregory Blair, Dawna Lee Heising and Shaun Gerardo. The film’s official teaser.
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Deadly Revisions goes into post production

by Seth Metoyer,

The horror thriller Deadly Revisions is moving right along and already picking up steam. Director Gregory Blair tells us that a rough cut of the film is almost ready to submit to festivals. Blair has already won the Eotm Award for “Best Director of an Indie Horror Film”! You can check out some new exclusive stills and the teaser trailer below the synopsis.

Starring in the movie Deadly Revisions is horror powershouse Bill Oberst Jr. (Children of Sorrow, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies). Also starring is Cindy Merrill (Gone Dark), Dawna Lee Heising (Creep Creepersin’s Dracula), Shaun Gerardo (Waiting for Dracula), and Ronny Coleman (The Killers Within).

The film also touts special effects makeup artist Chris Alex who recently won Best Makeup Artist at the Raw artists awards.

Film Synopsis:

Horror writer and filmmaker Grafton Torn awakens from a coma to find himself with a
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[Media] - "The Dooms Chapel Horror" First pictures for the found footage

"The Dooms Chapel Horror" has partially completed production and A Good Size Productions has released a few promotional details for the film. "The Dooms Chapel Horror" has completed much of the film's production. This found footage style feature was shot in both Kentucky and Tennessee, through A Good Size Productions. The film notably stars Bill Oberst Jr., Shaun Gerardo ("X-men: First Class"), Wendy Keeling ("Revelation Trail") and Joshua Mark Robinson ("Clock Out"). With shooting continuing, the creative team behind the picture has released several exclusive stills from the film and a concept poster. The story from "The Dooms Chapel Horror" is partially captured in these photos. The film follows Kyle (Austin Manning) as he returns to his hometown of Kaler Mills. This rural...
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Blood Will Flow in The Dooms Chapel Horror: First Stills

The cast and crew of The Dooms Chapel Horror have partially completed shooting on this feature. The Dooms Chapel Horror is a film from A Good Size Productions and director John Holt (Revelation Trail). This title stars Bill Oberst Jr., Shaun Gerardo (X-Men: First Class), and Joshua Mark Robinson (Clock Out). The shoot took place in Kentucky and Tennessee. And now, the first photos from the shoot have been released. The Dooms Chapel Horror follows the character Kyle Cole (Austin Manning). Kyle returns to his hometown after leaving Kaler Mills at an early age. He is back for revenge! And, Kyle will track down those responsible for an earlier tragic event. The stills hosted below and above show actors Bill Oberst Jr. and Joshua Mark Robinson. Some of the bloody events are capture in these photos, with a trailer soon to come. Release Date: Q1 2014. Director: John Holt. Writer: Jason Turner.
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Chaos Reigns in Brad Hodge's Clock Out: Early Stills

Clock Outis an action thriller from director Brad Hodge (Survival of the Fittest). This title recently had a showing at Cannes 2013. And now, the film has released several film photos from the shoot. Clock Out is a film from Golden Cat Films, which features a down on his luck drifter. Toby (Joshua Mark Robinson) is also a junkie and he has been infected with the AIDS virus. Time is running out for Toby and he is drawn into a high risk drug rip-off, by his friend Brian (Shaun Gerardo). Toby is then drawn into kidnapping as seen in the still above and later, murder. Toby's life is spiraling out of control and the local criminal underworld might make Toby Clock Out of life sooner than expected. Two more stills from Clock Out are hosted below. One still features actor Bill Oberst Jr. with actor Robinson. Oberst Jr. plays Rudy, a ruthless detective.
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More Horror Exclusive: Behind the Scenes Shots from Bill Oberst Jr. Shocker, ‘Deadly Revisions’

By Michael Juvinall, More Horror

We have some new updates for you from Pix/See Productions and director Gregory Blair’s upcoming horror film, Deadly Revisions.

Filming has wrapped and the film has been turned over to the editor and a trailer will be forthcoming in the near future. Blair was kind enough to send over some exclusive behind the scenes photos to More Horror from the shoot.

Starring in the film is horror luminary Bill Oberst Jr. (Children of Sorrow, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies) fresh off of his Best Actor win at this year’s Shockfest Awards. Also starring is Cindy Merrill (Gone Dark), Dawna Lee Heising (Creep Creepersin’s Dracula), Shaun Gerardo (Waiting for Dracula), and Ronny Coleman (The Killers Within).

The film also tout special effects makeup artist Chris Alex who recently won Best Makeup Artist at the Raw artists awards.

Film Synopsis:

Horror writer and filmmaker
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Interview: Shaun Gerardo Talks Basement Bugs

  • ShockYa
Interview: Shaun Gerardo Talks Basement Bugs
Some of the most terrifying and original horror movies which still resonate with fans today are entries in the slasher sub-genre from the 1970s and ’80s, which can be seen in the fact that they’re continuously being remade today. While several of these films, such as ‘Halloween’ and ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street,’ have influenced actor and producer Shaun Gerardo in his career, he’s hoping to prove that short films can be just as frightening. His upcoming horror short ‘Basement Bugs,’ which was written and will be directed by Nick Coviello, looks promising to do just that. ‘Basement Bugs’ follows a desperate young man who hears a rumor that his [ Read More ]
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MoreHorror in Hollywood Interviews Steve Oakley and Melanie Grunder of 'Waiting For Dracula'


Waiting For Dracula is a joint feature film production currently in post-production from Empire Films and Grunder Oakley Productions.

Our MoreHorror in Hollywood correspondent Dawna Lee Heising sat down with Writer/Director Steve Oakley and Actress Melanie Grunder to discuss the project. You can watch the video interview below the official details.

From the Official Release:

Dawna Lee Heising of interviewed the writers, directors and producers of the feature film Waiting For Dracula, Domiziano Arcangeli, Steve Oakley, and Melanie Grunder, in Los Angeles, CA in March 2012 for MoreHorror in Hollywood. John Cox and Jeremy Yorba filmed the interviews, and Yorba edited the video.

Waiting For Dracula is a modern retelling of Bram Stokers Dracula tale, set in Southern California. Dracula is posting webisodes of women becoming vampires on line to make money, while a mansion full of vampires and Goths dine on unsuspecting victims at Halloween.
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Tell a Scary Joke to The Funny Man

Two guys walk into a bar... which is strange because you would think if the first guy walked into it, the second guy would have seen it! *rim shot* Wocka, wocka, wocka! Ah, to be a funny man. And that is the subject of the new web series presented by Daily Motion entitled, just that, The Funny Man. However, this dude is anything but funny and actually seems really difficult to get along with.

Dm was gracious enough to bring this web series to us just in time for Halloween, releasing one segment of the project each day from October 25 to November 3. The story (at least what I've seen so far) revolves around a deranged comedian with a real Norman Bates vibe. He wears a mask that makes him look like a walking Hot Pocket, but the bad intentions this guy exudes cannot be overstated.

I definitely suggest you scroll down,
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