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Review: ‘The Revival’ Outlines a Crisis of Faith Effectively

Directed by Jennifer Gerber, The Revival is effective in its brevity. Running at a lean 84 minutes, the focus is on Eli (David Rysdahl), a young preacher running the church his late, beloved father founded. Unsure of himself and his sermons while money and parishioners run short, he encounters a handsome drifter named Daniel (Zachary Booth) who complicates things further. Based on the play of the same name by Samuel Brett Williams (who also wrote the screenplay), the film leans on Rysdahl and Booth, who are the sure standouts.

While Eli spends the film cloaked in responsibility, fighting his inner urges, Daniel appears free and open. Their chemistry is at once prevalent and vacant, Gerber going well to let the camera linger on reactions from each performer at any given moment. The surrounding community is represented primarily by the bullish Trevor (Raymond McAnally), Eli’s self-appointed hype man, and June (Lucy Faust), Eli’s pregnant wife.
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Uncircumcised Penis Discovery Leads to the Attack of the Devil

Words alone cannot fully convey the joy writing that headline has brought me. I wish I could squeeze an uncircumcised penis reference into every story. If only for the sheer absurdity of it all. Now, where were we... oh yeah! Attack of the Devil!

Written, directed, and produced by filmmaker Lon Strickland (creator of the International Shit Movie Film Festival), Attack of the Devil bills itself as "quite possibly the greatest piece of web content ever created."

What is it, you ask? Why it's just the greatest giant monster / comedy / musical / horror / sci-fi / socio-religious satire the world has ever known, and you can watch it below Right Now!


Upon discovering a gigantic uncircumcised penis in the deserts of Iraq, Father Joseph inadvertently awakens a sixty-story high Satan from his ancient slumber. Come to find out the giant penis is for Robo-Jesus, the enormous ancient alien the Vatican is in the process of reconstructing.
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