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The Epoch Times (US) January 23 2007, pg. 1, by: Frederic Eger, "The Salon du Cinema: A success beyond expectations. Paris expo matches excitment of Cannes"
The Canadian Immigrant Magazine (CA) December 1 2006, by: Frederic Eger, "Is there a Canadian dream?"
The Epoch Times (US) November 3 2006, by: Frederic Eger, "Silly and Serious Stories at the 2006 Montreal New Cinema Film Festival :"
Voir (CA) April 27 2006, pg. 1/4, by: Manon Dumais, "Notes Cinema: Semaine des Cahiers du Cinéma, Ronny & Cindy, Le Québec à Cannes"
The Epoch Times (US) November 25 2005, pg. 1, by: Frederic Eger & Beth Lambert, "Catastrophic circumstances in Haiti"
The Epoch Times (CA) November 19 2005, pg. 1, by: Frederic Eger, "Interview with Grant Heslov, Producer, Co-Writer of Good Night and Good Luck"

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