Doctor Who complete reviews: Fear Her

Public Enemy once bellowed “Don't believe the hype!” - advice that seems to fall on cloth ears in this country, especially when it comes to gaudy festivals. At the time of writing, it's the day before the much-touted wedding between Wills of Windsor and Kate Whatever Her Name Is. The hype machine has gone into meltdown, so much so, that it feels like the country's become some weird Prisoner-like world from which there is no escape from the hee-hawwing pair. Great news for jingoistic flag wavers, bad news for small businesses who are already trying to battle through a muddy economy.

As if that's not bad enough, next year offers not only the 60th anniversary of Mrs Majesty at the helm (see The Idiot's Lantern) but the Olympics. The middle of Summer will no doubt see the hype machine fuse itself into a heap of metal, since the media's ever
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