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The new wave of fan films

A couple of clicks away on the web are scores of films made by fans – by turns hilarious, ingenious and ambitious. Lurking among their makers might be Hollywood's next generation.

Many still regard them as flatulent waste products of the socially deficient unemployed-layabout community. In most cases, they're pretty much right. But it looks increasingly likely that some of the amateur fan films that pervade YouTube and other online broadcasters will one day be cherished by movie-lovers as the formative works of the next generation of cutting-edge film-makers.

The idea of the fan film – an amateur, not-for-profit work inspired by a commercial movie, TV show or comic book – isn't new. Even before science fiction conventions in the 1970s began to provide sizeable audiences for homemade homages to much-loved sci-fi/fantasy franchises, teenage movie geeks such as Hugh Hefner and Batman fan Andy Warhol were finding their film-making feet making short
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Fan Film Friday: ‘The Greatest Fan Film of All Time’

Who would win in a fight to the death between the Incredible Hulk or Superman? What would happen if Darkseid, Galactus and Apocalypse teamed up? What happens if Voltron met the Power Rangers? What is the most important comic book birthday? All these questions are amazingly answered along with tons more that even some of the most hardcore fanboys wouldn’t have even thought to ask in The Greatest Fan Film of All Time.

Over a full forty minutes in length, The Greatest Fan Film of All Time features cameos from all over geekdom and comics that would rival South Park’s Imaginationland episodes. Written by Larry Longstreth and directed by Jacob Drake, it features much better voice acting than one would expect from flash animated internet video, including Tna wrestler Dr. Stevie (or Stevie Richards of Ecw and WWE fame) voicing Daredevil as he gives advice to various sidekicks
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