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Britney Spears Sued For Breaking Backup Dancer's Nose

While working on her “Work B—ch” music video, Britney Spears allegedly broke the nose of one of her backup dancers, who is now suing her for damages.

Britney Spears Sued

Dancer Dawn Noel, represented by Sark Ohanian, filed a lawsuit on Monday against Spears, reported TMZ. In the filing, Noel claims that during rehearsal for the “Work B—ch” music video at the Woodland Hills, Calif., studio, Spears, behind on the choreography, swung her arm in her direction and broke her nose.

Spears arrived at the studio “in a disheveled and confused state,” according to Noel. Unbalanced while performing a twirl in the routine, Spears allegedly struck Noel in the face. Noel claims that everyone present heard the crack and that Spears only said she was sorry and failed to pause rehearsal.

“Plaintiff Dawn Noel felt immediate intense pain and grabbed her nose, at which time defendant Britney Spears
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Britney Spears Slapped with Lawsuit by Former Dancer

Always a fan of challenging choreography, Britney Spears reportedly collided with a backup dancer on the set of her “Work B*tch” video and now she’s being sued.

According to a report by E!, Dawn Noel has filed a lawsuit against the “Toxic” songstress, claiming she broke her nose and refused to pay the hospital bills.

Noel alleges that Britney showed up for the shoot “in a disheveled and confused state. Although the choreography involving Britney Spears was fairly basic, she was having difficulty learning her moves, performing dance steps and following simple directions.”

Furthermore, at one point Spears “twirled in an unbalanced and reckless manner, arms extended out to her sides and forcefully backhanded” Dawn in the nose.

The collision “made a cracking sound” as Noel’s nose broke. And though Britney’s team assured Dawn that they’d take care of the cost of her injuries, there was no follow-through.
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Britney Spears Sued for Allegedly Breaking Dancer's Nose

Britney Spears Sued for Allegedly Breaking Dancer's Nose
Britney Spears is being sued by a dancer for battery and negligence after apparently being injured during the filming of the singer's "Work Bitch" music video. In the complaint obtained by E! News, Dawn Noel claims that when Spears arrived for the video shoot in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Aug. 19, 2013, the 32-year-old pop star was "in a disheveled and confused state." She adds that, "although the choreography involving Britney Spears was fairly basic, she was having difficulty learning the moves, performing dance steps and following simple directions." Noel says that after about a half hour of rehearsing, Spears "twirled in an unbalanced and reckless manner, arms extended out to her...
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Dancer Sues: Britney Spears Broke My Nose

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A backup dancer for Britney Spears says the "disheveled and confused" singer smacked her in the face during a rehearsal last year, breaking her nose. Dawn Noel is now suing Spears, alleging the star refused to pay Noel's medical bills after the August 19 incident near La, NBC News reports. Noel says Spears showed up in the aforementioned state, and had trouble with the "fairly basic" choreography involved in the "Work B**ch" music video. She was having trouble learning the steps and "following simple directions," the lawsuit says, and then disaster struck when Spears started twirling "in an unbalanced and...
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Britney Spears Dancer -- You Broke My Nose And Didn't Care

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A dancer claims a disheveled and confused Britney Spears backhanded her in the face during a rehearsal, and Brit was so heartless ... she didn't even stop the rehearsal.Dancer Dawn Noel will file a lawsuit Monday ... claiming she was hired to shoot the music video for   "Work Bitch."  Dawn says on August 19, she showed up at the rehearsal studio in Woodland Hills, CA.  She and the other dancers perfected their moves for several hours, and then Britney arrived.
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New NCIS Los Angeles Season 5,Episode 22 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS released the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "NCIS" episode 22 of season 5. The episode is called, "One More Chance," and it sounds like things will get quite intriguing as the team's newest cases will involve two different dilemmas that are possibly linked, and more. In the new, 22nd episode press release: When the software for a highly sought-after unmanned aerial vehicle is stolen and the lead engineer's 10-year-old daughter goes missing, Sam is going to be convinced the two are related. Press release number 2: Sam will be convinced that the theft of software for a new unmanned aerial vehicle, is connected with the disappearance of the lead engineer's 10-year-old daughter, who is also a girl Sam once provided protection detail for in Saudi Arabia. Guest stars will feature: Kristen Ariza (Jessica Peyton), Lawrence Kao (John Stikler), Darri Ingolfsson (Dr. Nolan Milhouse)Dan Glenn (Man #1), Storm Reid
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Review of "My Normal"

The very definition of an "offbeat" comedy, My Normal stars Nicole Laliberte as Natalie, a down-to earth lesbian dominatrix who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. Light, quirky, and very playful, it's probably the only film about Bdsm that you could comfortably take your mother to see.

Natalie is immediately likable. The early scenes establish her as a master of her kinky profession, while still remaining a likable, friendly, girl-next-door kind of lady. She and three of her closest friends do "sessions" where they dominate their willing, paying, male clientele. Together and individually (depending on the client's preference), they ply the trade of Bdsm, then hang out and go for drinks afterward.

Natalie is a lesbian, a fact that is casually broached early on in the film, but it has no bearing on her profession. She and her partners in domination, Sonia (Maine Anders), and Melanie (Naama Kates), see themselves as "alternative therapists,
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Promo Photos & Synopsis – Glee 1.11 "Hairography"

I recently posted sneak peeks and promo photos from the November 18th new episode of Glee. Now Fox has released photos for the November 25th episode, which will feature Eve as a guest star. Check them out below.

The Club Learns How To Move In A Whole New Way On An All-new “Glee” Wednesday, November 25, On Fox

Rapper Eve Guest-Stars

Concerned that Sue is up to no good, Will pays a visit to an instructor of a competing Glee Club (guest star Eve) to see what information Sue may be leaking, which leads to the club getting a look at their hair-rising competition. Meanwhile, Kurt gives Rachel a makeover to impress Finn, but he may have ulterior motives in the all-new “Hairography” episode of Glee airing Wednesday, Nov. 25 (9:00-10:00 Pm Et/Pt) on Fox. (Gle-111) (TV-14 D)

Cast: Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester; Jessalyn Gilsig as Terri
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