'Planet 51' movie review

Courtesy of TriStar Pictures.

When "visiting" Planet 51, the movie seemed to have two goals in mind when it was being made.  One was to make sure that plenty of science-fiction flicks, from the past, are referenced throughout the presentation.  The other, make an animation that kids can get into.  Gladly, this 90 minute feature accomplished both and it made it worth-while for the entire audience.

Our story begins with the depiction of a planet that looks like Earth, but has aliens running the show.  The alien's mannerisms are just like humans, they just look like little green boogers.  Although the buildings and technology have a futuristic vibe, the time period of this alien race is in the 1950s.  Also, their intelligence level is about average of what the human race was at that time.  So the planet gets turned upside down when astronaut Chuck Baker (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) lands on their planet.
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