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Mashable Gets Into The Vertical Video Trend, Interviews Cronut Creator

Mashable is embracing a more mobile-friendly video format. The digital media website has published its first-ever vertical video, so viewers on mobile devices don’t have to turn their phones sideways to see the full-size clip.

Created by an in-house team and helmed by Mashable’s director of editorial video Mike Schmidt, the publication’s first vertical video was created to accompany an article by food reporter Sarah Spigelman Richter. Richter interviewed world-renowned chef and creator of the cronut (a portmanteau that = croissant + donut) Dominique Ansel, who offers an exclusive, after-hours, eight-course dessert tasting. Mashable’s editorial vertical video shows how Ansel personalizes each dessert item according to the patron’s first word, first kiss, and first heartbreak.

According to Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends report, vertical video now accounts for 29% of the total time spent on screens by consumers. Mashable’s move to include vertical video reflects this increased
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Fever Night Trailer and Art Features a Band of Satanic Outsiders

Satanists, man. They're always stirring up some kind of trouble, and bless their black hearts for it! So what kind of devilish events can we expect in Fever Night? Read on for more!

Directed by Jordan Harris and Andrew Schrader, the flick stars Peter Tullio, Philip Marlatt, Melanie Rose Wilson, Michael Q. Schmidt and Claudia Sandin as “Lucifer”.

Look for it on VOD, Digital Downoad and DVD this coming May 15.


Three Satanists perform a dark ritual in the woods only to be faced with horrifying repercussions. Elliot and Warren accidentally run over Terry then get their car stuck in the mud. Now they must trudge through the dark forest towards an omnipotent light in the far distance hoping to get help. Along the way, they encounter frightful reckonings of their night's work. Will they be able to survive their descent into Hell or are their fates already sealed?

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