'The Actress' in Real Life

Imagine working a 9-to-5 desk job in New York City while pursuing a career as an actress. In balancing the two, drama ensues. Plus you try to have a personal life. Sound vaguely familiar? Ann Carr understands these life choices as well as anyone. So she decided to broadcast her personal struggle in her comic web series, "The Actress." "It's pulled from my life," she said recently. "[But] it's heightened. I write to make it funny." Carr has been living and working in NYC since she moving from her hometown of Iowa City, Iowa in 2000, and it hasn't been easy. To offset the grind of auditioning, she started doing open mic nights. She had a particular fondness for Rififi, whose home on East 11th Street in Manhattan was a "nurturing environment" for her for many years (it closed in 2008). Over time, Carr developed a reputation in downtown venues for performing quirky original character sketches,
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