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Vanity Fair (US) July 2008, pg. 84, by: Michael Lewis, "Commie Ball: A Journey to the End of a Revolution"
Newark Star-Ledger (US) March 13 2008, pg. 01, by: Dan Graziano, "Closer, but no cigar"
Hartford Courant (US) February 24 2008, pg. E1, by: Dom Amore, "Cuba Could Be Next Hot Spot"
Los Angeles Times (US) July 1 2007, pg. A1, by: Kevin Baxter, "Ballplayers from Cuba are now flee agents"
San Antonio Express-News (US) April 21 2007, pg. 7C, by: David King, "Betancourt's saga shows difficulties Cubans face"
San Antonio Express-News (US) April 21 2007, pg. 1C, by: David King, "Castro's long shadow still dominates Cuban baseball"
Fortune (US) April 16 2007, pg. 33, by: Tim Arango, "The Cuban Game"
Seattle Times (US) March 15 2007, pg. --, by: Greg Bishop, "Mariners' Betancourt can't leave journey from Cuba behind"
Seattle Times (US) December 15 2006, pg. --, by: Larry Stone, "No case against Betancourt"
Toronto Globe and Mail (CA) March 22 2006, pg. S7, by: Jeff Blair, "The Cuban non-defectors"
Reuters (US) March 13 2006, pg. wire, by: Enrique Martel, "Cuban defections unlikely, say close observers"
Miami Herald (US) March 8 2006, pg. 7D, by: Kevin Baxter, "Team Cuba will face a major test"
New York Times (US) March 6 2006, pg. --, by: Jack Curry, "Passion in Work and at Play"
New York Post (US) March 5 2006, pg. --, by: Joel Sherman, "Meet the Minayas"
Washington Post (US) March 3 2006, pg. E1, by: Dave Sheinin & Steve Fainaru, "Searching for a Home Base"
New York Post (US) February 5 2006, pg. --, by: Joel Sherman, "Fidel's Phantoms"
New York Times (US) February 1 2006, pg. --, by: Jack Curry, "Cuba Releases Names of 60 Players on Provisional Tournament Roster"
New York Times (US) January 25 2006, pg. --, by: Jack Curry, "Security Is an Issue for the Cuban Team"
New York Sun (US) January 23 2006, pg. --, by: Meghan Clyne, "Cuban Players May Defect During Tourney"
Miami Herald (US) January 21 2006, pg. 1D, by: Kevin Baxter, "Cuba can play, but will it show up?"
New York Times (US) December 17 2005, pg. D2, by: Jack Curry, "Soccer Event May Help Baseball Deal With Cuba"
The Nation (US) November 14 2005, by: Dave Zirin, "Say It Ain't So, Big Leagues"
San Juan Star (PR) October 21 2005, pg. 77, by: Gabrielle Paese, "Cuba's participation in MLB World Classic still up in air"
Seattle Times (US) September 20 2005, pg. D1, by: Greg Bishop, "Heartache and happiness for M's Betancourt"
Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers (US) July 5 2005, by: Michael Canan, "New statistical categories better gauge baseball players' performance"
Financial Times (GB) June 28 2004, pg. --, by: Mike Steinberger, "Cubans prove a baseball flop"
Juventud Rebelde (CU) August 13 2003, pg. --, by: Raúl Arce, "Urrutia encandiló a los expertos"
Miami Herald (US) August 12 2003, pg. 9D, by: Kevin Baxter, "A big hit"
Kansas City Star (US) March 30 2003, pg. I24, by: Wright Thompson, "A tough out: Scouts lead a dangerous life in Cuba"
New York Times (US) February 5 2003, pg. D1, by: Tyler Kepner, "Mining for Riches on the Farm"
Baseball America (US) January 31 2003, pg. --, by: Kevin Baxter & Fatima Trana, "Long, Hard Road"
Baseball America (US) January 31 2003, pg. --, by: Kevin Baxter, "Residency rules aren't clear cut"
Miami Herald (US) January 5 2003, pg. 1D, by: Kevin Baxter, "Contreras faces a defector's biggest obstacle: money"
Reuters (US) October 4 2002, pg. wire, by: Frances Kerry, "Cuba Confirms Top Pitcher Defects"
Miami Herald (US) October 2 2002, pg. 6D, by: Kevin Baxter, "Cuban ace has possibly defected"
Jackson Sun (US) July 28 2002, pg. --, by: Kary Booher, "Dominican Republic becomes familiar territory"
Palm Beach Post (US) July 23 2002, pg. 1C, by: Justin Rice, "Freedom found, dream delayed"
Elmira Star-Gazette (US) July 21 2002, pg. --, by: Charlie Ellsworth, "Freedom trail"
Insight Magazine (US) June 10 2002, pg. Cover, by: John Berlau, "A Pitch for Freedom"
Miami Herald (US) June 2 2002, pg. 1A, by: Kevin Baxter, "Despite the pain of separation from his family, catcher still glad to be in U.S., playing in minors"
USA Today (US) November 13 2001, pg. C10, by: Frederick C. Klein, "Cuban emigre adjusting to life in Arizona"
Boston Herald (US) November 11 2001, pg. B13, by: Tony Massarotti, "Covering all bases: Shrinking isn't easy"
The Wall Street Journal (US) August 17 2001, pg. W4, by: Stefan Fatsis, "Cuba, Si"
Associated Press (US) August 16 2001, pg. wire, by: Ben Nuckols, "Justice Department drops investigation into Orioles' hiring practices"
San Antonio Express-News (US) August 8 2001, pg. 1C, by: David King, "New world order"
Syracuse Post-Standard (US) July 25 2001, pg. --, by: Matt Michael, "Viera makes switch"
Boston Herald (US) July 24 2001, pg. 74, by: Jeff Horrigan, "Red Sox notebook: Nomar off to Indy"
Associated Press (US) July 24 2001, pg. wire, by: Howard Ulman, "Agent says Cuban left-hander agrees to terms"
Boston Herald (US) July 19 2001, pg. 98, by: Jeff Horrigan, "Red Sox notebook: Nomar could join PawSox Monday"
Syracuse Post-Standard (US) July 12 2001, pg. --, by: Matt Michael, "B'ville agent force behind Cuban defection"
The Citizen (US) July 12 2001, pg. --, by: J.T. Locastro, "Kehoskie client focus of ESPN show"
Miami Herald (US) July 12 2001, pg. 5E, by: Kevin Baxter, "ESPN loads bases on defectors"
Boston Herald (US) July 8 2001, pg. B7, by: Jim Baker, "Sports on the Air"
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (US) July 6 2001, pg. F5, by: John Hickey, "World's best players coming to Safeco"
Boston Herald (US) June 24 2001, pg. B20, by: Tony Massarotti, "Covering all bases: Duke holds trading cards close to vest"
Boston Herald (US) June 21 2001, pg. 98, by: Jeff Horrigan, "Red Sox notebook: Viera makes impression"
Associated Press (US) June 6 2001, pg. wire, by: Jimmy Golen, "Red Sox take Cuban player"
Orlando Sentinel (US) June 4 2001, pg. C1, by: Josh Robbins, "Baseball draft could undergo 'foreign' changes"
Associated Press (US) June 4 2001, pg. wire, by: Fred Goodall, "Cuban pitcher denied request for free agency"
Tampa Tribune (US) June 1 2001, pg. 1 (Sports), by: Joe Henderson, "Win or lose, Viera can live out his dream"
Associated Press (US) May 31 2001, pg. wire, by: Vickie Chachere, "Cuban player asks for court order to stay out of baseball draft"
Associated Press (US) May 30 2001, pg. wire, by: Josh Dubow, "Cuban defector sues baseball for free agency"
Associated Press (US) May 23 2001, pg. wire, by: Hal Bock, "Cuban pitcher Viera defects"
The Sporting News (US) February 19 2001, by: Michael Knisley, "Everybody has the dream"
Washington Post (US) February 18 2001, pg. A1, by: Steve Fainaru, "Yankees Are Building an Empire State"
The SportsBusiness Journal (US) February 12 2001, pg. 19, by: Liz Mullen, "MLB worldwide draft would make wide-open signing process a memory"
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (US) February 4 2001, pg. 3C, by: T.R. Sullivan, "Going after Cubans can be risky"
Associated Press (US) December 20 2000, pg. wire, by: AP staff, "Two Cuban players defect"
Edmonton Sun (CA) August 15 2000, by: David Carrigg, "Defection a big gamble"
Edmonton Sun (CA) August 14 2000, pg. --, by: David Carrigg, "'Hello Fidel!'"
Edmonton Journal (CA) August 14 2000, pg. D2, by: Scott Cruickshank, "Cubans an investment for agent"
Canadian Press (CA) August 14 2000, pg. wire, by: Kim McLeod, "Teenagers defect in bid to make field of dreams a reality"
Edmonton Journal (CA) August 13 2000, pg. A1, by: John MacKinnon, "Cuban baseball players defect"
Reuters (US) August 13 2000, pg. wire, by: Frances Kerry, "Two Cuban Junior Players Defect in Canada"
Associated Press (US) August 13 2000, pg. wire, by: AP staff, "Two Cuban players missing; agent says they are defecting"
Insight Magazine (US) June 26 2000, by: Timothy W. Maier, "Fidel's Baseball Players Safe in U.S. but Out at Home"
York Daily Record (US) June 21 2000, pg. B1, by: Dave Buscema, "Orioles blasted again"
Boston Globe (US) May 28 2000, pg. A1, by: Steve Fainaru, "Hardball"
York Daily Record (US) May 25 2000, pg. D8, by: Dave Buscema, "Orioles notebook: Cuban agent avoids the Birds"
Washington Times (US) May 23 2000, pg. --, by: Eric Fisher & Brooke Tunstall, "Orioles' policy on Cubans targeted"
Arizona Republic (US) May 20 2000, pg. C1, by: Pedro Gomez, "Easy to see why Orioles are troubled"
Washington Times (US) May 19 2000, pg. --, by: Brooke Tunstall, "GOP slams Angelos on Cuba"
York Daily Record (US) May 19 2000, pg. B1, by: Dave Buscema, "Orioles' policy attacked"
Minneapolis Star Tribune (US) May 14 2000, pg. --, by: Doug Grow, "Visiting Cuban team rife with ringers"
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (US) March 19 2000, pg. 4C, by: T.R. Sullivan, "Rangers camp report: Cuban defector relishes opportunity"
Charlotte Sun Herald (US) March 19 2000, by: Patrick Obley, "Rangers' Diaz is free and clear to pursue dream"
Dallas Morning News (US) March 12 2000, pg. --, by: Gerry Fraley, "Visa problems force Rangers to give up on Diaz exhibition"
Syracuse Post-Standard (US) May 20 1999, pg. --, by: Matt Michael, "Pennington plans to hit the mark"
The Citizen (US) April 25 1999, pg. --, by: Leo Pinckney, "Kehoskie waiting to sign Cubans to pro contracts"
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (US) April 14 1999, by: Scott Pitoniak, "Cubans bank on agent Kehoskie"
La Nación (CR) March 10 1999, by: Harold Leandro Camacho, "Espías en el Antonio Escarré"
Al Día (CR) March 10 1999, pg. --, by: Alexander Aguilar, "Cubanos bajo la lupa"
Syracuse Post-Standard (US) February 20 1999, pg. --, by: Matt Michael, "Cuban players keep Auburn native busy"
Syracuse Post-Standard (US) December 22 1998, by: Matt Michael, "From Cuba With Trust"
The Citizen (US) November 15 1998, pg. --, by: Leo Pinckney, "Kehoskie Making Impact as an Agent"
Miami Herald (US) October 30 1998, pg. 8D, by: Mike Phillips, "Cuban quintet waits for big-league shot"
Miami Herald (US) October 26 1998, pg. 1A, by: Paul Brinkley-Rogers, Glenn Garvin & Elaine DeValle, "Cuban players pin dreams on entrepreneur"

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