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Interviews (8)

Metro Newspaper (CA) February 21 2013, by: Steve Gow, "Dark Skies hint at bright future for 13 year old Dakota Goyo"
The Toronto Star (CA) November 23 2012, pg. E5, by: Bruce Demara, "Call it rise of the pint-sized star"
The National Post (CA) November 23 2012, by: Bob Thompson, "Rise of the 13 year old actor: Dakota Goyo's resume reads like one of Hollywood's elite"
Metro Newspaper (CA) November 20 2012, by: Steve Gow, "Young Toronto actor Dakota Goyo gets animated"
The Toronto Sun (CA) November 19 2012, pg. 46, by: Jim Slotek, "Guardians' Goyo grows up"
Toronto Sun (CA) November 18 2012, by: Jim Slotek, "Rise of the Guardians star Dakota Goyo ready for mature roles"
Bravo (RU) November 2 2011, pg. 20, by: EB, "Dakota Goyo"
Wall Street Journal (US) October 9 2011, by: Alexandra Cheney, "Dakota Goyo, the Dancing Tween Behind 'Real Steel'"

Articles (24)

Cineplex Magazine (CA) February 2013, Vol. 14, Iss. 2, pg. 47, by: Ingrid Randoja, "Fresh Face: Dakota Goyo"
The Toronto Sun (CA) December 27 2012, by: Jim Slotek, "Stars poised to break out in 2013"
Variety (US) August 2 2012, by: Jeff Sneider, "Dakota Goyo looks to 'Dark Skies'"
Variety (US) October 21 2011, pg. 13, 28, 55, by: Iain Blair, "Tyros tipped for takeoff"
Variety (US) October 20 2011, by: Iain Blair, "Dakota Goyo: Stole 'Steel' from Jackman"
People (US) October 17 2011, pg. 33, by: Alynda Wheat, "Real Steel"
The Toronto Sun (CA) October 10 2011, pg. 29, by: Lisa Richwine, "Robots steal box office"
The Toronto Star (CA) October 7 2011, pg. E2, by: Bruce Demara, "Off to a Rocky start"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 6 2011, pg. D, by: Geoff Boucher, "Metal & Heart"
The Toronto Sun (CA) October 4 2011, pg. 43, by: Jane Stevenson, "Outside the box"
Entertainment Weekly (US) August 19 2011, pg. 8, by: Anthony Breznican, "Fall Movie Preview: Real Steel"
The Hollywood Reporter (US) March 16 2011, pg. 15, by: Borys Kit and Jay A. Fernandez, "Kid in the corner for DW's 'Real Steel'"
The Globe and Mail (CA) August 10 2010, by: Cassandra Szklarski, "Director lauds Canada's new 'It' kid"
Canadian Press (CA) August 9 2010, by: Cassandra Szklarski, "Dakota Goyo, the next big export"
The Toronto Sun (CA) March 19 2010, by: Michael Rechtshaffen, "Goyo to the Max"
The Toronto Sun (CA) March 18 2010, pg. 70, by: Michael Rechtshaffen, "Goyo the real deal"
The Toronto Sun (CA) March 17 2010, by: Michael Rechtshaffen, "North Dakota"
The Hollywood Reporter (US) October 4 2007, "Emotional Arithmetic"
People (US) September 3 2007, pg. 30, by: Ashley Williams, "Q & A"
The Toronto Star (CA) August 24 2007, pg. E & E4, by: Bruce Demara, "Reaching for the stars"
Hollywood Reporter (US) January 21 2007, by: Duane Byrge, "Resurrecting the Champ"
Rocky Mountain News (US) August 1 2006, by: Penny Parker, "Elways steakhouse becomes movie set"
Denver Post (US) August 1 2006, by: Bill Husted, "A big screen pass: Elway's film foray hits the mark"
The Liberal (CA) August 31 2000, pg. 1 & 9, by: Patrick Mangion, ""Dallas meets Charlies Angel""

Pictorials (3)

Whatever Vaughan (CA) September 12 2014, Vol. 10, Iss. 3, pg. 18-22, by: Filomena Rosati, "A Star is Born"
Popstar Magazine (US) September 1 2012, Vol. 13, Iss. 9, pg. 88, "On the radar"
Horse Canada (CA) March 2011, "Horselover Goes Hollywood"

Magazine Covers (1)

Whatever Vaughan (CA) September 12 2014, Vol. 10, Iss. 3

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