Did Paul Heyman Come Up With Controversial SummerSlam Finish?

It could have been Paul Heyman who came up with SummerSlam’s controversial main event finish, Dave Meltzer has suggested on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“The second that thing happened I thought it was a Paul Heyman,” Meltzer said, “he has came up with a lot of finishes based off Mma.”

Bryan Alvarez added “It was a Ufc finish with a Steve Mazzagatti referee.”

Mazzagatti was the Ufc referee who missed Brock Lesnar tapping repeatedly to Frank Mir at Ufc 81. The often criticised ref did eventually see Brock’s tap, but the incident left Lesnar furious. The other Mma themes in Lesnar and Taker’s match were obvious, they did a lot of boxing and submission styles, with both men using Mma techniques as finishers.

Heyman was likely the one who suggested it, as it is pretty notorious that Vince McMahon and others in WWE creative are completely ignorant of Ufc.
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Nice Guys Finish Last: Why Ufc’s Johny Hendricks Is Getting Screwed

Before I write another word about Johny Hendricks, I have a confession to make.

I am biased.

I am an Oklahoma State alumnus, born and raised in beautiful Stillwater, Oklahoma. At the dinner table each night as a young Lucky, we thanked God for Henry Iba, Eddie Sutton, and the entire Smith wrestling dynasty (LeRoy, John, Pat, & Mark) with their 7 national championships and 2 Olympic gold medals. I take great pride in the 34 national champions and 134 individual Ncaa championships of my school and alma mater. And our Johny is part of that bedrock.

When I see a Cowboy wrestler with a freaking spitter on stage at a Ufc presss conference, rocking an epic beard, and his easy going folksy accent, I know that’s my guy. That’s a Good Ole Boy. Now with all of that being said, I can objectively and emphatically state:

Johny Hendricks Is Getting Screwed


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