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Jerusalem competition title 'Echo' picked up by Go2Films (exclusive)

Film premieres in the festival’s Israeli Feature Competition on Friday (July 27).

Amikam Kovner and Assaf Snir’s Echo, which premieres in Jerusalem Film Festival’s Israeli Feature Competition on Friday (July 27), has had its international sales rights snapped up by Jerusalem-based Go2Films.

The film depicts a man who suspects that his wife is having an affair. In an attempt to catch her at it, he begins recording her telephone conversations, discovering in the process that she is a very different woman from the one he thinks he knows. Yoram Toledano and Yaël Abecassis star.

Echo is produced by Dori Media Paran
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Israel's Dori Media Paran builds edgy arthouse slate

Israel's Dori Media Paran builds edgy arthouse slate
Company lines up Eran Kolirin [pictured], Yuval Adler and Itamar Alcalay.

The budding feature film arm of leading Israeli media and entertainment company Dori Media Paran (Dmp) unveils rough cut material from Amikam Kovner and Assaf Snir’s infidelity drama Echoes at the Jerusalem Pitch Point works-in-progress showcase today (July 17), part of this year’s Jerusalem Film Festival.

It is one of the first auteur productions to come out of the Israeli media company’s move into feature film production, which began some four years ago.

Co-starring Yoram Toledano and Yael Abecassis, it revolves around a husband who uncovers another side to his wife and family when he listens in on her conversations with her lover. When she dies in an accident, he becomes obsessed with uncovering the identity of the other man.

Keren Michael, who heads up Dmp’s feature film division, will present the project alongside Dmp CEO Yoni Paran.

Having previously
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‘Homeland’ Inspiration ‘Prisoners of War’ Invades U.S. Television

‘Homeland’ Inspiration ‘Prisoners of War’ Invades U.S. Television
“Prisoners of War,” the inspiration for the hit series “Homeland” and winner of nine Israeli Academy Awards in 2010 (including Best Drama and Best Director), is coming to the U.S. The captivating war-drama is set to start airing Monday Oct. 24 at 10pm. You can catch the premiere on Link TV, available to all Dish Network and DirecTV subscribers, or Kcet in Southern California. All 24 of the one-hour episodes will air in Hebrew with English subtitles.

Read More: What Does Israel Think of ‘Homeland’? ‘Prisoners of War’ Creator Gideon Raff Explains

The series focuses on three Israeli soldiers who were captured and held prisoner for 17 years while on a secret mission in Lebanon. After years of negotiations for their freedom, the series begins when two of the soldiers return to Israel alive — the third isn’t so lucky. The series explores the soldiers’ reintegration into society and the secret investigation into the truth surrounding their capture,
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DVD Review – Prisoners of War (Hatufim) (2009–2012)

Prisoners of War (Hatufim), 2009 to 2012.

Starring Gal Zaid, Yael Eitan, Salim Dau, Sendi Bar, Hadar Ratzon Rotem, Yaël Abecassis, Mili Avital, Assi Cohen, Adi Ezroni, Ishai Golan, and Yoram Toledano.


Three Israeli soldiers one of whom is in a coffin are part of a prisoner exchange 17 years after being captured in Lebanon.

The opening takes place in a hotel where notes are being exchanged from one room to another. It turns out the negotiation involves the release of prisoners of war which includes Israeli Defence Force reservists Nimrod Klein and Uri Zach as well as a coffin containing Amiel Ben Horin.

Although the captivity and torture may be over, Nimrod and Uri are returning to a homeland that feels like an alien environment. The two soldiers are interviewed by a military psychiatrist who senses that they are not telling the whole story of their ordeal and that one or
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Giveaway: Win 'Prisoners of War' Season 1 on DVD

Giveaway: Win 'Prisoners of War' Season 1 on DVD
Before Homeland started winning Emmy Awards for Best Drama series during its first two seasons, the Israeli series Prisoners of War served as its inspiration. The series was created by Gideon Raff, who now serves as an executive producer on Homeland and the new FX series Tyrant, centering on three Israeli soldiers who finally return home after being held as prisoners of war for the past 17 years. Shout! Factory is bringing this critically-acclaimed series home on DVD for the first time with Prisoners of War: Season One, debuting July 9. To celebrate this release, we have a contest lined up where fans can bring home this new DVD set, to see the gripping drama that inspired the creation of Homeland. These prizes will be gone before you know it, so take a look at how you can win.

Winners Receive:

Prisoners of War: Season One

Here's How To Win!

Just "Like
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Watch My Show: Prisoners of War's Gideon Raff Answers Our Showrunner Survey

Before there was Homeland, there was Prisoners of War, an Israeli TV drama about three soldiers, two of whom — Uri (Ishai Golan) and Nimrode (Yoram Toledano) — return home after 17 years in an enemy prison. Gideon Raff created the show and went on to help American producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa adapt it for Showtime as Homeland. Seasons 1 (10 episodes) and 2 (14 episodes) of Prisoners of War are now available on Hulu's streaming service. Raff filled out our showrunner survey to explain why viewers may want to hunt for Prisoners of War.

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'Homeland' Season 2: 4 ways to prepare

The countdown to "Homeland's" Season 2 premiere this Sunday (Sept. 30) is in full gear. Not prepared? Here are four ways you can spend the weekend catching up on TV's best drama.

1. Marathon Season 1: If you're one of the five people that hasn't watched Season 1 yet, cancel your plans to go outside and sit back and watch the "Homeland" marathon on Showtime, starting at Noon Et on Sunday.

2. Check out the original "Homeland": Gideon Raff, who last week took home an Emmy for Outstanding Writing along with Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, is also the creator of "Prisoners of War," the Israeli show "Homeland" is based on. Hulu's  first exclusive non-English series, all 10 episodes of the original are available for viewing.

"Prisoners" deals with the mental rehabilitation of Uri Zach and Yoram Toledano, two soldiers that returned from 17 years of captivity. "It's an emotional journey," Raff explains. "It explores very harsh topics -- Ptsd,
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DVD Review - Prisoners of War - Series 1

Prisoners of War - Series 1 (a.k.a. Hatufim), 2010.

Created by Gideon Raff.

Starring Ishai Golan, Yoram Toledano, Yaël Abecassis, Mili Avital, Assi Cohen and Adi Ezroni.


After seventeen years, three prisoners of war are returned back to their homes and families. One of the prisoners returns home in a coffin whilst the other two have to deal with returning to their lives and how things have changed.

When I signed up to watch Prisoners of War, I had my own preconceptions about what the series would be like. I thought there’d be loved ones lost, then found and then lost again over the whole series. There’d be double crosses abound as people trick their way around to get what they want. Surprises, maybe a bit of action, some spy stuff. I hadn’t seen Homeland apart from the odd couple of scenes. Because having as much
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Israeli Drama To Become Hulu’s First Foreign-Language Exclusive Series In U.S.

  • Deadline TV
The distinction goes to Keshet Broadcasting’s Prisoners Of War (Hatufim), which was written and directed by Gideon Raff and became the country’s highest-rated TV drama. The story line will be familiar to fans of Showtime’s Homeland– it was based on the Israeli series. It’s about two soldiers trying to reintegrate with society, and reconnect with their families, after 17 years in an enemy prison. A military psychologist becomes suspicious when it turns out that their accounts of their captivity don’t match. Secret service agents launch an investigation to determine who they really are and what they’re hiding. The 10-part series stars Yael Abecassis, Mili Avital, Yoram Tolledano, Assi Cohen and Ishai Golan. It premieres on Hulu and Hulu Plus this Saturday, July 14.
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Hulu Set to Premiere First Foreign Language Exclusive Series Prisoners of War

  • ShockYa
Hulu Set to Premiere First Foreign Language Exclusive Series Prisoners of War
Hulu is set to premiere the critically acclaimed Israeli drama series ‘Prisoners of War’ tomorrow, marking the on-demand streaming website’s first foreign-language exclusive series. The show was written and directed by Gideon Ratt, and was the highest-rated Israeli TV Drama, winning nine Israeli Emmy Awards. ‘Prisoners of War’ stars Yael Abecassis, Mili Avital, Yoram Tolledano, Assi Cohen and Ishai Golan. The ten-part drama series follows two soldiers as they struggle to reintegrate into society after spending 17 years in an enemy prison. As the two struggle to reacquaint themselves with their families, the two are also thrust into the national spotlight as heroes. After the two soldiers return home, they’re [ Read More ]
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